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Clinical Psychology Compliments Physical Therapy in Various Ways

clinical psychology compliments physical therapy

No matter whether you choose a BS in clinical psychology or a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree. You will decide to help people in need and serve humanity. Physical therapy and clinical psychology are separate professions with different roles to play in the healthcare sector. However, there are professional instances in which the theories and methods of clinical psychology can support physical therapy. As a result, students with a BS in Clinical Psychology can pursue to help physical therapy patients.  

Difference Between Clinical Psychology and DPT  

Clinical psychology focuses on assessing and treating mental and emotional disorders, while physical therapy focuses on rehabilitating individuals with physical impairments and promoting their physical well-being. BS Clinical Psychology is a four-year degree in clinical psychology.   

On the other hand, the physical therapy deals with the physical pains and movements. Therefore, the patients are mostly suggested to go under professional sessions from physical therapists to overcome hurdles after injuries and accidents and to regain their possible potential. DPT is an entry-level degree to become a physical therapist in five years divided into ten semesters.  

How Does Clinical Psychology Complement DPT?  

clinical psychology compliments physical therapy as such

Clinical Psychologists can Help DPT Professionals in various ways. The sole reason is that any unfortunate event resulting from an accident, injury, or limitation in physical activity affects mental health on multiple dimensions. Therefore, clinical psychologists can support the therapy sessions of physical therapy to multiply the benefits and speed up the sessions. Further details are available below.    

Clinical Psychologists Help in Pain Management 

Physical therapists can work with clinical psychologists to treat the psychological components of pain. Anxiety, depression and feelings of guilt are common emotional aspects of chronic pain that might impede a patient’s success in physical treatment. Psychologists can work with patients to create coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques, and cognitive-behavioural interventions to manage their discomfort and increase their adherence to the physical therapy program.  

Behavioural Change is Possible with Professional Psychology Sessions 

 Physical therapists frequently work with patients who need to make significant lifestyle adjustments, like forming better habits, controlling their weight, or quitting smoking. Clinical psychologists can provide ways to help patients identify and attain their goals while also assisting in creating behaviour change programs.   

Physical Pain Calls for Anxiety and Phobia Management 

Some patients could experience anxiety or phobias due to accidents, surgery, or physical therapy. Clinical psychologists can provide patients with therapeutic procedures like exposure therapy or relaxation methods to assist them in overcoming these emotional obstacles.  

Physical Therapy Includes Rehabilitation Adherence 

Keeping patients motivated to follow their rehabilitation regimens can be difficult. Clinical psychologists can assist in identifying and resolving adherence issues, such as a lack of motivation, a fear of reinjury, or previous traumatic experiences.  

Biofeedback and Mind-Body Techniques 

Some physical therapists use biofeedback and mind-body strategies in their therapy plans. Physical therapists and psychologists can collaborate to improve these methods, assisting patients in learning to regulate physiological reactions and cope with stress.   

Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration 

Clinical psychologists and physical therapists may require multidisciplinary cooperation when treating patients with complicated physical and psychological disorders. This coordinated approach ensures the simultaneous addressing of physical and mental health issues.  

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Final Word   

It’s crucial to remember that clinical psychology can support physical therapy but cannot take the place of it. Physical therapists are often needed to handle the unique physical demands of patients with physical disabilities or injuries. Physical therapy incorporating clinical psychology concepts can improve patients’ overall health by attending to their physical and psychological needs. Collaboration between experts in many domains may result in more comprehensive and successful healthcare solutions.  


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