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Career Prospects at UBAS

Career Prospects or Opportunities: The M. Phil Pharmaceutical Chemistry Programme opens up various career opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, research institutions, academia, and regulatory agencies. Some of the potential career paths include:

Research and Development Scientist: Graduates can work in pharmaceutical companies or research institutions involved in drug discovery, synthesis, formulation, and development.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Specialist: They can ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products through analysis, testing, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Analytical Chemist: Graduates can specialize in drug analysis, using advanced techniques to analyze the chemical composition, purity, and stability of pharmaceutical products.

Academic Researcher: They can pursue careers in academia, conducting research, publishing scientific papers, and mentoring students.

Regulatory Affairs Officer: Graduates can work in regulatory agencies, ensuring compliance with drug regulations and guidelines.

Pharmaceutical Consultant: They can provide expert advice and consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies, assisting in drug development, analysis, and quality control.

Admission Open FALL 2024

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