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What is BS Food Science and Technology?

BS in food science & technology

Food is a necessity for every living being. Every struggle and every effort ever made is primarily for acquiring food. The need for food is the same in humans and other beings. Apart from those, humans need and want to make progress.  With the advancement, many different majors are focusing on diverse areas. However, there is a professional degree in food. That is called BS Food Science and Technology.  This blog will explore the course content, skill development, career possibilities, and the chances of advanced education.  

BS Food Science and Technology at Lahore-UBAS 

BS Food Science and Technology is the best degree for a career in food sciences. It studies the components of food in complete detail, and the physical, biological, and chemical elements constitute a significant part of this professional degree. 

Furthermore, the students would also get a chance to study and gain a clear idea about food safety and preservation while pursuing a four-year BS in food sciences and technology. 

This is an undergrad degree and lasts for four years. These four years are subdivided into eight semesters.  

Let’s explore the course you will study at Lahore-UBAS in BS Food Science and Technology.  

Course Curriculum for BS Food Science and Technology 

By following a BS in food science and technology, you will be able to study ‘food’ comprehensively. You will progress steadily and effectively from foundation courses to advanced levels.  

You will move upwards, initiating from core sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, and basic biochemistry with a mandatory introduction to food sciences and technology.  

At the advanced level, the subjects would also include human nutrition, harvesting elements, horticulture practices, dairy technology, fruit and vegetable processing, preservations, and plant design and protection.  

Furthermore, a BS degree in Food Science and Technology will also teach about meat and its safety, hygiene, and preservation. You should check out the complete list of subjects and semesters here, available on the Lahore-UBAS website. You will be amazed by the depth of BS in Food Science and Technology.  

In short, you will study everything from food processing to packaging, with comprehensive learning about human nutrition. This rich knowledge, combined with a practical approach, undoubtedly makes this degree the best for the food sciences. 

Opportunities for Skill Development  

In addition to the rich and in-depth knowledge, this degree will also develop specific skills among the students. These skills will be helpful in effective and successful career building and will also impact domestic life to a much greater extent.   

Once you know what is beneficial for you and your family and what’s not, You can handle the diet and intake effectively. This would be the essential and sufficient benefit of getting a BS degree in Food Science and Technology. 

Moreover, BS in Food Science and Technology graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the food science and technology sector. Their expertise is invaluable in ensuring food safety, developing new food products, and improving food quality and nutritional value.  

The Best Degree for the Food Industry 

What makes a BS degree in Food Science and Technology the best degree for the food industry? This is the question we asked the most! You can even find it on the internet. The purpose and job of a food scientist is to ensure that all people can access safe, nutritious, and healthy food. That’s why they can contribute to a major level in the food industry.  

This opportunity is available on national and international levels geographically. Moreover, government entities and private bodies in the food industry are the typical employers of BS Food Science and Technology graduates.  

benefits of choosing a bs degree in food

Career Prospects After the Completion in Pakistan  

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Food Sciences & Technology can anticipate promising careers in a variety of fields.  

  • Public sector roles 
  • International organisations (e.g., WHO, FAO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank) 
  • Public health departments 
  • Research and teaching institutes 
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) 
  • Community development programs 
  • Private sector positions in pharmaceutical industries 
  • Consultancy roles for private companies 
  • Positions within airlines, catering services, and the hospitality industry 

In the public sector, they can work in regulatory and policy-making roles, helping to shape food safety standards and regulations. International organisations provide opportunities to address global food security issues and implement nutrition programmes worldwide. Additionally, research and teaching roles allow them to contribute to scientific advancements and educate future professionals in the field.  

The BS Food Science and Technology graduates also have the option to pursue careers in the private sector, where they can innovate within pharmaceutical companies or offer consultancy services to enhance food safety and quality in various industries. The hospitality and catering sectors also benefit from their expertise, ensuring high standards of food preparation and service. 

Interested in Further Education? 

After completing a BS degree in Food Science and Technology, there is a broad and bright way to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees in the relevant fields. Food Science, Nutrition, and other various majors are available.  

Apply Today for BS Food Science & Technology at LHR-UBAS 

Lahore-UBAS is a prominent & reputed university for biological and applied sciences. Therefore, you will study here with professional mentors and a practically rich atmosphere. Lahore-UBAS is taking admission applications for Fall 2024.  

You can apply through the online admission portal for Fall Admissions.  We also offer scholarships for the students.  


BS Food Science and Technology is the best degree for the food industry. This degree will train you in every professional aspect of food. Ample opportunities for career advancements and further education are duly available for the graduates. You can apply for admission at Lahore-UBAS. Fall 2024 is in full swing.  

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