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BS Biochemistry at UBAS

Degree Overview

BS Biochemistry is a four-year undergraduate degree Programme that focuses on the study of the chemical processes and
molecules that occur in living organisms. It combines principles from both biology and chemistry to provide students
with a strong foundation in understanding the biochemical basis of life.

Courses Taught:

The BS Biochemistry curriculum encompasses a wide range of courses that cover
fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. Coursework includes general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry,
biophysics, enzymology, and metabolism. The curriculum may also include laboratory courses where students gain
hands-on experience conducting experiments and analyzing biological molecules.


The curriculum of BS Biochemistry programme combines a balance of core and elective courses with laboratory experiences.Core courses provide a solid foundation in the principles and
techniques of biochemistry, while elective courses allow students to specialize in areas of interest, such as
protein chemistry, biochemical engineering, or medical biochemistry. The curriculum may also include
interdisciplinary courses that integrate biochemistry with other related fields, such as biotechnology or

Skills Developed:

BS Biochemistry programme aims to develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving ability by enhancing laboratory skills. Students learn to apply principles of biochemistry and molecular biology to
analyze and interpret experimental data. They also develop skills in conducting experiments, using laboratory
equipment, and conducting scientific research. Additionally, students acquire a strong foundation in scientific
communication, both written and oral, as they learn to present their findings and research in a clear and concise

Career Prospects and Opportunities:

Graduates of the BS Biochemistry Programme have a wide range of career opportunities in various fields. They can work in academic research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, government agencies, forensic laboratories, and healthcare organizations. Career options include research scientist, laboratory technician, quality control analyst, biotechnologist, clinical research associate, pharmaceutical sales representative, and science writer. Biochemists also contribute to advancements in medicine, drug development, genetic engineering, agriculture, and environmental sciences.

Continuing Education:

Some graduates may choose to pursue advanced degrees, such as a Master’s or
Ph.D. in Biochemistry or related fields. Advanced degrees provide opportunities for specialization, research, and
teaching positions in academia or industry. Continuing education through professional development Programmes,
workshops, and conferences is also encouraged to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of
biochemistry and expand career opportunities.

Overall, the BS Biochemistry degree Programme offers a comprehensive education in the principles and applications of
biochemistry. It equips graduates with a strong foundation in biological and chemical sciences, laboratory
techniques, and critical thinking skills. With a wide range of career opportunities in research, industry, and
healthcare, graduates can contribute to advancements in the field and make significant contributions to improving
human health and well-being.

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