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Career Prospects at UBAS

Career Prospects or Opportunities: A B.S. Psychology degree
offers diverse career opportunities in various fields. While additional
education or specialized training may be required for some positions,
graduates can pursue careers in areas such as:

Human Resources: Graduates can work in personnel
management, recruitment, employee training and development, and
organizational behavior.

Mental Health Services: They can contribute to mental
health organizations, rehabilitation centers, or community health agencies
in roles such as case managers, mental health technicians, or research

Social Services: Opportunities exist in social work,
counseling, advocacy, and community outreach, providing support and
resources to individuals and communities.

Research and Data Analysis:Graduates can pursue careers in
research institutions, market research firms, or government agencies,
working as research assistants, data analysts, or research coordinators.

Education:With additional certification or further
education, graduates can become school counsellors, educational
consultants, or pursue careers in academia.

Business and Marketing:Skills in psychology can be valuable
in market research, consumer behaviour analysis, advertising, and human
resources within organizations.

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