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BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics at UBAS

Degree Overview

The BS in Human Nutrition & Dietetics is a four-year undergraduate degree Programme that focuses on the study of
nutrition, dietetics, and the relationship between food, health, and well-being. This Programme provides students with
a comprehensive understanding of the science of nutrition, food principles, and the role of diet in promoting
optimal health.

Courses Taught:

The curriculum of the BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics Programme includes a combination
of core courses, specialized coursework, and practical training. Students typically study subjects such as human
anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, food science, medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, nutrition
assessment, research methods, and public health nutrition. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to choose
elective courses to further specialize in areas such as sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, or pediatric

Skills Development:

Throughout the Programme, students develop a range of skills essential for a
career in nutrition and dietetics. These skills include nutritional assessment and counseling, meal planning, food
service management, research and data analysis, communication, and critical thinking. Students also gain practical
experience through internships or clinical rotations in healthcare facilities, community organizations, or food
service establishments, where they apply their knowledge in real-world settings.


The BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics Programme provides a comprehensive understanding of
the principles of human nutrition, metabolism, and the impact of diet on health and disease prevention. The curriculum
incorporates scientific research, evidence-based practice, and practical skills to prepare students for professional
practice in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The coursework emphasizes the importance of balanced nutrition,
dietary guidelines, nutritional needs across the lifespan, and addressing nutrition-related issues in diverse

Career Prospects:

Graduates of the BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics Programme have a
wide range of career opportunities in various settings. They can work as registered dietitians or nutritionists in
hospitals, clinics, community health centers, schools, sports organizations, food and nutrition industries, research
institutions, or government agencies. Registered dietitians and nutritionists play a crucial role in promoting healthy
eating habits, preventing and managing diseases, developing meal plans, providing nutritional counselling, and educating
individuals and communities about proper nutrition and wellness.

Continuing Education:

The field of nutrition and dietetics is dynamic and continuously evolving,
with new research and advancements in the field. Many graduates choose to pursue advanced degrees, such as master’s
or doctoral Programmes, to further specialize in specific areas of nutrition or conduct research. Additionally,
nutrition professionals are encouraged to pursue continuing education opportunities, attend conferences, and
maintain professional certifications to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and enhance their
career prospects.

Overall, the BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics Programme offers students a solid foundation in the science of
nutrition, dietetics, and the promotion of health and well-being through proper dietary practices. By combining theoretical
knowledge with practical skills and clinical experience, graduates are well-equipped to pursue careers as registered
dietitians, nutritionists, or further their education in specialized areas of nutrition research or practice.

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