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M. Phil Human Nutrition & Dietetics at UBAS

Admission Requirements

Human Nutrition and Dietetics focuses on the science of nutrition and its application in promoting health and managing diseases through dietary interventions. It involves core courses in biological sciences, chemistry, physiology, and food science, providing foundational knowledge on how nutrients affect the human body. Students will learn about therapeutic diets, nutritional assessment, and developing dietary plans for medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and dietary recommendations for different population groups.
The degree program aims to educate students on cultural and social factors influencing dietary choices, with clinical components. Students will work with clients in real-world settings, learning professional ethics like confidentiality and patient rights. Specializations in sports, paediatric, and geriatric nutrition will be available, focusing on specific populations or health conditions. The program aims to help individuals and communities make informed dietary choices for better health.

Career Proposal

Graduates of M.Phil. Human Nutrition & Dietetics program can expect promising careers in the public sectors disciplines such as international organizations:  WHO, FAO, UNICEF, and UNDP.  Furthermore, student can secure job in public health departments, research, teaching institutes, on Governmental organizations, and community development programs. Moreover, nutritionist can avail job in private sectors like as multi-national organizations, private clinics, pharmaceuticals industries, health care centers, consultant for private hospitals, airlines, catering services and hospitality industries. Meanwhile graduate can get opportunities in foreign countries in public health departments whereas can start independent private practice as a registered dietitian.

Admission Open FALL 2024

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