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Get the Best Pharm-D Degree at Lahore-UBAS Now!

Get the Best Pharm - D Degree at Lahore UBAS Now!

Are you looking for a degree with a doctor’s title other than MBBS or BDS? There is another degree called Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm – D). This degree is full of potential for your future as you will be able to gain first-hand medical professional experience. 

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm – D) 

The Pharm – D is a doctorate degree in the field of pharmacy. With this degree, you will learn professional clinical knowledge about drugs and their functions in the body. You will get to know the details about salt in medicine and how different combinations of salts can help cure different diseases. 

However, you will need your pharmacist license to enter the workforce.  

Pharmacist License 

After completing your degree at Lahore UBAS, you have to pass the following exam for it: 

  1. Local Licensure examination (for Pakistan) 
  2. To practice internationally, you have to ace the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX 

Pharm – D Scope 

The field of pharmacy is very versatile, and you will never be bound to one sector. With this degree, you can apply to different practical training sectors like: 

  • Pharmaceutical industries 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Hospitals  
  • Healthcare management centre  
  • Government sector 

Career Prospects of Pharm – D  

With a pharm d degree, you can work in the following roles: 

  • Retail Pharmacist 
  • Hospital Pharmacist 
  • Healthcare Manager 
  • Industrial Pharmacist (in QA, R&D and other departments) 
  • Drug inspector  

As you have seen, the high scope of this degree with multiple job pathways, so getting this degree is a must. However, which university is best for a pharmacy degree? No need to look anywhere else because Lahore-UBAS presents the most outstanding Pharm-D curriculum. 

Pharm – D 

Our university aims to deliver the best academic experience for every student. Lahore UBAS offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the fields of: 

Thus, if you want to become the best pharmacist, you must choose Lahore-UBAS for this degree programme in 2023.  

Pharm – D at Lahore-UBAS 

The degree of Pharm – D is for 5 years with a total of 10 semesters. You will study a lot of interesting subjects and gain useful knowledge like how a medicine is made or how different doses can affect patients. Also, we have devised the curriculum by keeping in mind the market requirements.  

Pharm – D Subjects 

We not only teach you the subjects with the best methodology but also provide you with maximum practical exposure. As a result, you will be able to practice after graduation and start your professional life successfully. 

Pharm - D Subjects

You will study all the subjects that will teach you about this field in detail. So, some of the subjects taught in this degree are: 

  • Pharmaceutics 
  • Pharmacokinetics  
  • Medicinal chemistry 
  • Pharmacy Laws 
  • Pharmacology 
  • Patient care 
  • Statistics  
  • Healthcare Systems 

Why Choose Lahore-UBAS for Pharm – D? 

Change is inevitable and it is a big change to transition from a college student to a university student. So, you must be eager to learn and enjoy your university life. That is why our prestigious institute works to develop the finest facilities for you. Thus, you can avail yourself of all the benefits like: 

Why Choose Lahore UBAS For Pharm - D?

1. Lahore-UBAS Campus 

A university is a place where you will spend most of the time of your day. So, if you want to apply to a university with an outstanding campus, apply at Lahore-UBAS right away. In Lahore, our institute offers you an opportunity to study at an exceptional campus that includes: 

  1. Labs with modern technology 
  2. Classrooms with Multimedia 
  3. Fully equipped auditoriums  
  4. Air-conditioned lecture halls 
  5. Libraries 
  6. Hygienic Cafeteria  

2. Experienced Lahore-UBAS Faculty 

There are more than 300 well-qualified faculty members at Lahore-UBAS. The faculty-to-student ratio is 23:1. This means, there will be 1 teacher for every 23 students. So, you will get the most focused attention and quality education with us.  

3. Affiliated Hospital 

With a degree in the medical domain, you need to get some hospital exposure as well. You can apply for internships or work in different medical setups for jobs in future.  

Furthermore, I have good news for you that Lahore UBAS has an affiliation with its very own Lahore-UBAS Teaching Hospital being established within the campus. Our hospital consists of more than 600 beds and tertiary care facilities. This will help you get maximum patient care and hospital work experience for your future. 

4. Scholarships 

You can benefit from our merit-based scholarships. The higher your marks in intermediate, the higher percentage of scholarship you can get. In total, we give incentives to the top 10% of our students. 

5. Sports and Recreational Activities 

We all know how stressful a medical degree can be, but you cannot always be just a bookworm. No matter how hard the degree is, you must take part in sports or recreational activities of your choice. This not only helps your physical health but your mental health as well, which will help you concentrate more on your studies. You can play various sports at Lahore-UBAS like: 

  • Hockey 
  • Rowing 
  • Football 
  • Cricket 
  • Volleyball  
  • Table tennis 
  • Long jump 
  • High jump 
  • Basketball 
  • Running 

6. Societies and Clubs 

We have different societies and clubs at Lahore-UBAS which you can join, these include:  

  1. Literary club 
  2. Photography club 
  3. Dramatic club 

As a result, you will have a perfect blend of campus life by studying at our institute. 

Eligibility Criteria for Pharm – D  

You must meet the eligibility criteria to get admission to Pharm – D that include:  

  1. You must have at least 60% marks in FSC pre-medical. 
  2. If you have done A-levels, you must have a minimum of 60% marks in equivalence to apply. 

(Note: this does not ensure your admission as we have a small number of seats available per course. You have to make it to the merit list to confirm your seat at Lahore-UBAS.)  

Study Pharm – D at the Best Institute in Lahore Now! 

With all the benefits of Pharm – D I have mentioned here, you should not wait anymore and apply now! Thus, you can either apply online via our website or you can also visit the Lahore-UBAS campus for admissions.  

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