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BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing

BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing is a new programme offered at Lahore-UBAS. This four-year undergraduate degree is a dynamic blend of traditional communication and contemporary digital marketing strategies and tools. In these four years, students will learn a comprehensive skillset backed by a professionally acquired knowledge base to ace communications through digital platforms. This blog post will explore what students will learn in this undergraduate program.  

What is a BS Digital Marketing with Strategic Communication? 

A BS in strategic communication and digital marketing is a four-year undergraduate programme offered at Lahore-UBAS. These four years will introduce you to the world of digital marketing and effective ways to exchange messages strategically with your target audience.  

The course content of this major is quite exciting, with numerous opportunities to explore the latest modules and industry developments in the world of modern digital communications.  

For instance, the students would be getting a professional education on trendy subjects like Blockchain, AI, and Machine learning. Furthermore, there is an excellent opportunity to learn professional writing skills such as expository writing, digital media content writing, and digital storytelling.  

These are just a few of the dynamic courses you’ll learn in this program. For complete details, please check out the course details for BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing.    

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? 

Before we discuss the pros and cons of adopting digital marketing as a career, it is essential to understand what digital marketing is. In its foundational elements, digital marketing is a combination of digital and marketing.  

Marketers use online platforms and prepare a 360-degree strategic plan to promote products and services. Digital marketing is much more cost-efficient and effective than traditional marketing.  

In digital marketing, there are diverse platforms to utilise for promotional purposes. In BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing, you will learn of these platforms to develop and employ strategic communication effectively.  

These dimensions are as follows.  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Content Marketing  
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  

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Now we look at why digital marketing is a good career to consider in 2024 and onwards. During the dark years of covid-19, when every physical entity was closed, digital marketing experienced a global boost.  

Many companies moved online from offline, and many new businesses started online selling. The reasons were simple, and results were effective.  

  1. Ease in Connecting with the Target Audience 
  2. Low Investment & High Return on Investment (ROI) 
  3. Access to Mobile Users 
  4. Easy Order Placements & Payment Processing  

For all these benefits, whether businesses are big or small or anyone is initiating their online startup, the roles and jobs for those who know how to connect buyers with sellers, educationists with students, teachers with trainers, and relatives to each other while they were sitting a part experienced a massive shift.  

Digital Marketing on the Rise

Therefore, even post-COVID years are dedicated to digital marketing, and this cycle is not going away any time soon!  

The top careers in the digital market are as follows.  

  • Performance Marketers 
  • Social Media Influencers 
  • Content Specialists,  
  • Ad Managers 
  • Copywriters 
  • Content Strategists 
  • Email Marketers 

Many are available in addition to these.  

Duration & Eligibility for BS in SC & DM 

You can enrol in a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing at Lahore-UBAS in Fall 2024. Admissions are open, and you can apply through an online portal. 

However, please look into the eligibility criteria for admissions. We also offer diverse scholarship options, and fee details are available.  

Become a Professional Strategic Communicator & Digital Marketeer 

Lahore-UBAS brings a massive opportunity for those students who want to adapt to the digital mode of living and earning! With BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing, you can work at any big advertisement agency or initiate your independent digital marketing agency. Moreover, nowadays, every institute, big or small, needs an expert digital marketing professional.  

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Signing Off  

Now, you can fulfil your dream of working in marketing on diverse platforms and locations free of your physical existence with a degree in BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing from Lahore-UBAS.  




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