How to Use Data Analytics in Health Sciences?

Exploring health sciences through data analytics involves using available real-time information to gain insights, make informed decisions, and improve outcomes in the healthcare domain. We live in the era of modern data sciences, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Hence, it is timely needed to utilise data analytics in health sciences to get advanced knowledge for better implementation decisions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to approach this exploration.    

Lahore-UBAS offers various study programmes for biology and applied sciences domain. Therefore, this article will upgrade your perspective regarding the benefits and usage of data and data analytics in health sciences to make informed decisions in the life-concerning field.   

Define Objectives and Research Questions  

Clearly define the goals of your exploration or research. What specific aspects of health sciences do you want to analyse or improve through data analytics? Formulate research questions that guide your analysis. In medical or health sciences, research is an integral part of progress. The same is the case with data science research.   

Similarly, it is essential to set objectives and research question formulations when using data analytics in the health sciences domain.    

Identify Relevant Data Sources  

The next step is the identification of reliable data sources. It is always best to check the source of information to have confidence in its data and consequential results. Hence, it is always advised to determine the data types relevant to your research objectives. Data sources can include:  

  • Electronic Health Records,   
  • Clinical Trial Data,   
  • Public Health Databases,   
  • Genomic Data, and more.

    Data Analytics in Health Sciences 

Data Collection and Integration  

In the next step, gather the necessary data from diverse sources. Ensure that the data collected is of high quality, and if needed, integrate data from vast and multi-layered sources to create a comprehensive dataset.  

If data collection from multiple sources is possible in health sciences and health care. It will enhance the credibility of available data. In healthcare, different tools are used for data collection, cleaning, and analysis.  Furthermore, primary data is collected from direct data collection and through books and published research; it is called a secondary data source.   

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing  

Once you collect data from primary or secondary sources, cleaning the data by handling missing values, removing outliers, and addressing any inconsistencies for ready-to-use data is essential. Preprocess the data to make it suitable for data analysis, including normalisation and transformation as needed.  

The primary data here converts into secondary data sources once processed. It stays safe in collective data analytics. Furthermore, for doctors and medical practitioners, it becomes very convenient to trace back the medical history of any patient at any time of need.  

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)  

Once your data is ready, you can conduct exploratory data analysis to understand the patterns, trends, and relationships within the data. Visualisation techniques can be valuable in gaining insights and identifying potential areas for further investigation. 

Through this method, you can get real-time data regarding the various aspects of any subject of health sciences by processing the data analytics. This technique is equally suitable for various applied sciences.   

Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Analysis  

Now, test the research question you have drafted in the initial stages. Formulate hypotheses based on your research objectives and conduct statistical analyses to test these hypotheses. Determine the significance of observed patterns or relationships.  

In this way, you can draft decisions and gather facts. This will lead you to add up proven theories or rejected statements or myths related to different health science lines and sublines. Hence, you can explore many arenas by using data analytics in health sciences.   

Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning  

Once the statistical results are drafted, it’s time to apply predictive modelling and machine learning algorithms to make predictions or classifications based on your data. This can include predicting patient outcomes, disease risk, or treatment effectiveness. In this way, you can use data analytics, data analytics algorithms and data analytics sources for a longer time. You can also testify to the progress and statements that may be new at any time.   

Clinical Decision Support Systems  

Health Sciences are very closely related to health care. Therefore, data analytics can also be applied and beneficial for the healthcare sector on national and international levels.   

You can develop or integrate data analytics tools into clinical workflows to provide healthcare professionals with real-time information and decision support. This can help in personalised patient care and treatment planning.  

In this way, the workflow would be smoother, and the chance of errors and omissions would be reduced to a greater extent.    

Ethical Considerations and Data Security  

Health sciences and healthcare are both highly sensitive. Hence, ensure compliance with ethical standards and data security protocols, especially when dealing with sensitive health information. Protect patient privacy and adhere to regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts (abroad) or any other acts as the local or international laws are concerned.    

Ongoing Analysis and Continuous Improvement  

Data analytics in health sciences is often a continuous process. Therefore, when conducting research in health care or health sciences, it is important to regularly analyse and refine your models based on new data and insights. Stay informed about advancements in both data analytics and health sciences.   

Remember, data and methods can both become obsolete quickly.  The data analytics tools usually utilised in health care are three steps: collection, cleaning, and analysis.  

Collaborate with Domain Experts  

Ensure to work closely with healthcare professionals and domain experts to ensure that your data analytics approach aligns with clinical realities and contributes meaningfully to healthcare outcomes.  

In a nutshell  

By keeping these steps in mind, you can systematically explore health sciences through data analytics. It will help you contribute to advancements in healthcare research, patient care, and overall well-being. In Pakistan, all these things are often practised on manual and outdated procedures, which is both time-consuming and tiring. Furthermore, with data analytics in health sciences, we can work on individual and social improvement in the healthcare sector.  

World Diabetes Day 2023

Diabetes is one of the life-long and non-reversible body malfunctions. In this, the body fails to manage the carbohydrates, and eventually, the glucose levels in the blood rise. When unmanaged, they attack the major organs of humans and often result in complex cardiovascular, kidney, eyesight, and nervous system problems. To spread awareness, the international diabetes federation (IDF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) observe World Diabetes Day 2023.  

World Diabetes Day 2023 

To raise awareness around the globe, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have joined hands to observe November 14th every year as ‘World Diabetes Day’. This year, WHO aims to emphasise the need for proper professional care for patients with diabetes. Moreover, to pursue a healthy population to live an active and healthy life to stay prevented from this deadly body disease.  

Key Facts About Diabetes in 2023 

Some of the complications and real facts about diabetes are as follows.  

  • Type 1, type 2 and Gestational Diabetes are the major types of diabetes. 
  • Diabetes type 1 cannot be avoided. It is frequently possible to prevent type 2 diabetes by eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, keeping a normal body weight, and quitting smoking. 
  • Diabetes is a leading cause of lower limb amputation, heart attacks, strokes, blindness, and renal failure. 
  •  Regular screening and treatment can prevent or delay the consequences associated with diabetes. 
  •  To help with early detection, people with diabetes should get routine screenings for complications. This covers routine eye checks, foot assessments, and renal disease screening. 
  • According to the latest polls, Type 2 diabetes affects over 500 million people worldwide. Comparably, in Pakistan, about 26.7% of adults have diabetes by 2022, accounting for 33,000,000 people in total.   
  • Every 1 in 2 people is an undiagnosed patient with diabetes.  

Diabetes- Body Dysfunction 

Diabetes is a body disturbance that is caused when the body becomes insulin-resistant. Either the body does not produce enough insulin or does not manage it.  

Diabetes Symptoms  

The possible symptoms of diabetes are listed below. If you feel any of these in your body, please get yourself checked for blood sugar testing.   

  1. Frequent nighttime urination;   
  2. A feeling of extreme thirst;   
  3. Sudden and spontaneous weight loss;   
  4. Feeling of intense hunger;   
  5. Blurred vision or difficulty in focus building;   
  6. Tingling or numb hands or feet;   
  7. Extreme and constant exhaustion;   
  8. Dry skin;   
  9. Catching more infections than usual  
  10. The wound-healing process is slow  

World Diabetes Day 2023

Causes of Diabetes  

These symptoms are common in patients with diabetes. However, patients with type 2 diabetes may experience them, but they are not detectable at younger ages. The type-2 diabetes develops over time, slowly and gradually. Therefore, some of the risk factors that may lead towards type-2 diabetes are penned below to have an eye on.   

  • Age around or above 45  
  • Overweight body structure  
  • Have a diagnosed type-2 diabetes in biological family (parent, brother, sisters)  
  • Less physical activities    
  • Presence of non-alcoholic fatty liver.   
  • Bad stress management  
  • Race and Ethnicity   

Type 1 Diabetes 

Type 1 diabetes is a condition when the body does not produce any insulin or produces less than a body requirement. It is also known as ‘insulin-dependent diabetes’. It is also known as Juvenile Diabetes. However, the other type of diabetes, which is more common in adults and preventable, is Type 2 diabetes.  

Therefore, if a person falls prey to type 1 diabetes, they can manage their blood glucose levels with the help of the following techniques.  

  • Insulin Injection 
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring 
  • Carbohydrate Monitoring 
  • Diet and Nutrition 
  • Exercise 

In the following, we shall look at some healthy lifestyle options which can be helpful in avoiding the deadly ailment of diabetes.  

How to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes?  

There is a famous elderly saying: prevention is better than cure. The same applies to type 2 diabetes, as there is no absolute cure for this body disorder. However, we can prevent diabetes type 2 with the following.   

There are some of the factors that are beyond the control; family history, age factor and race and ethnicity are some of them. On the contrary, there are factors which can reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 to the maximum level naturally. You can practice the following easy but constant steps to prevent type 2 diabetes. There is a piece of great news that we can prevent prediabetes and type 2 diabetes with some lifestyle changes.   

Maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid being obese as it increases the risk of being diabetic from 20 to 40 times.   

Active Lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Move your muscles and let them work hard to absorb the glucose and use insulin effectively. In this regard, there is no need for heavy workouts twice a week. However, merely a brisk walk of 30 minutes on a regular basis reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%  

Furthermore, eat healthy if you want to avoid the development of type 2 diabetes. Choose whole grains and whole grain products instead of processed foods. Replace artificial, sugar-added drinks with water, coffee or tea. Increase the intake of nuts, fruits, and healthy fats like beans, grains, nuts, and fish intake and reduce red meat intake. Furthermore, it would be best if you manage your stress levels on a daily basis. Effective stress management is essential for a sound mind and healthy body.   


November 14 is observed as the ‘World Diabetes Day’ every year. Diabetes is one of the major reasons of death and disabilities worldwide. Till today, there is no cure for diabetes. Hence, a healthy lifestyle, clean eating and stress management is the only way to prevent diabetes. Let’s decide on World Diabetes Day 2023 to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 






What Are the Five Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

October is observed as a breast cancer month worldwide. Unfortunately, Pakistan tops the list of breast cancer patients in Asian countries. Breast Cancer is one of the major reasons for women’s mortality around the globe. And with Pakistan, the case is no different. Hence, Lahore-UBAS is sharing the top five warning signs to be aware of with respect to breast cancer. In addition, some of the preventive measures are also made a part of the following article. Let’s get started. 

Breast Cancer in Pakistan 

According to the statistics, 109 women die every 24 hours due to breast cancer in Pakistan. Breast Cancer is one of the most common reasons for women’s mortality. Globocan discloses about 28.7 per cent of women die of breast cancer in Pakistan.  

Eye-Opening Facts About Breast Cancer 

World Health Organisation (WHO) discloses the following eye-opening facts about breast cancer in Pakistan.  

  • Women above the age of fifty (50) are more prone to breast cancer.  
  • Younger women can also get the disease of breast cancer. 
  • Men can also fall prey to the disease of breast cancer.  
  • According to WHO, it is Pakistan’s second biggest reason for women’s mortality. 
  • An estimated 90,000 new cases of breast cancer are discovered each year in Pakistan, of which 40,000 individuals pass away from the disease because of late detection.  
  • Invasive breast cancer affected women over the age of 50 in 77% of cases, while survival rates were 90% if the disease was detected early. 

Further information is available in the WHO article.  

5 Warning Signs Related to Breast Cancer 

The human body is responsive. It shows various warning signs if any function is not in proper operational capacity within it. Similarly, during the development and growth of breast cancer, our body stays efficient and reflective to give us particular warning signs.  

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explores Breast Cancer and shares ample information about breast cancer, development, risk factors, reduction, best cancer screening, diagnosis and further treatment. 

Alarming Signs of Breast Cancer

The top five (5) warning signs relating to breast cancer development are as follows.  

  1. Formation of Guilty Around Breasts or Armpits.  
  2. Thickening or Swelling Around the Breasts. 
  3. Any Change in Nipple or Around Nipple in Terms of Skin, Structure or Colour. 
  4. Sudden Size Variation in Any One of the Breasts.  
  5. Pain Or Discomfort Around Breasts or Armpit.  

It is professionally advised that women be aware of any frequent, sudden, or unexpected changes to their bodies. This helps to make an early diagnosis possible for women to get their selves checked by professional and authorised doctors.  

There are four breast cancer stages. The more advanced the stage is, the less recovery is. Always remember that a diagnosis at an early stage is better than a diagnosis at a later stage. And do you know what is even better than an early diagnosis? – Prevention! Better than cure! 

Anyways, God forbid if anyone gets breast cancer. Please go for a proper breast cancer treatment. Consult professional doctors, and you will be recovered soon.  

Prevention is Better Than Cure 

There are certain risk factors that are a part of our routine life, regular setup and lifestyle, due to which we become more at risk of breast cancer development in comparison to our normal, healthy and active counterparts. There are no known or definite causes of breast cancer. However, some of the risk factors may include anyone as follows.  

  • Family History 
  • Elderly Age Factor 
  • Obesity 
  • Smoking and Drugs 
  • No Breastfeeding & Pregnancy 
  • Late Childbirth 

However, all these factors can be skipped with the help of a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, you must ensure your intake of all the necessary vitamins and nutrients with your good and proper sleep.  

October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Breast Cancer is on the rise. Countries like ours are more prone to cancer types, and breast cancer is unfortunately topping the list as a killer. Hence, the month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year worldwide. Furthermore, October 19th is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  

Every one of us should make people around us aware of this deadly disease. There is no shame in spreading positivity, awareness, and knowledge to people around you. If you want to learn how every pink ribbon makes a difference, you must stay active and up-to-date.  

Final Words 

The Breast Cancer is the most common reason of death in women worldwide. Breast cancer awareness spreads with the help of pink ribbon.  This article shares five warning signs for breast cancer in any individual. It is always a practical approach to live an active and healthy life and keep an open eye on the changes occuring to your body.   

BS Biochemistry Can Help You Become a Pharmacologist

Faculty of Biosciences offers a four-year degree programme in biochemistry as BS Biochemistry. Fall admissions 2023 are open at Lahore-UBAS. You can apply today to get yourself an opportunity to earn a professional degree in the field of biology and chemistry. This article will explore the career opportunities and chances of growth if you want to pursue pharmacology. Hence, you can become a Pharmacologist with a BS in Biochemistry.  

What is BS Biochemistry? 

An undergraduate programme in the field of biological sciences focusing on the chemical processes in living organisms is called BS Biochemistry. The basic and advanced concepts of biology and chemistry are professionally combined.  

The fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry are all covered in a variety of courses that make up the BS Biochemistry curriculum. General biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, enzymology, and metabolism are among the subjects covered in the coursework.  

Additionally, laboratory classes may be part of the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to conduct experiments and examine biological molecules firsthand. Hence, the students get a solid and robust foundation for their education and lifelong journey.  

Opportunity to Attain Skills 

BS biochemistry is a four-year-long degree, which is subdivided into eight different semesters. In these semesters, students will get a chance to study a variety of subjects. Molecular biology, cell biology, boy fluids and functions, immunology, DNA technology, and Hormones are some of the subjects. You can surely check out the course content in detail from the course details of BS Biochemistry.  

In addition to the massive learning opportunities with a wide variety of subjects, BS Biochemistry offers an optimal chance to become a skilful person with your graduation. The students can learn the following skills that can lead them towards success.  

  • Laboratory Skills 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Understanding of Biological & Chemical Principles 
  • Ability to Analyse and interpret the Experimental Data. 
  • Scientific Research  
  • Scientific Analysis 

Career Prospects Available After BS Biochemistry 

Once students complete their four-year BS Biochemistry, they can become any of the following as per their likes and preferences.  

Students can join: 

  1. Scientific Research and Development Services  
  2. Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing & Maintenance. 
  3. Trading & Supply 
  4. Academia in Colleges and Universities on national and international level.  

For more exposure, please visit the details here 

Development Options After BS Biochemistry

Become a Pharmacologist 

Pharmacologists examine, research, and develop new medicines and drugs. They also do the sample check. Furthermore, perform quality assurance and safety tests regarding medicines and drugs. In addition, use the advanced equipment to collect and process data.  

To join a pharmacology, students should have knowledge about biology and chemistry and their procedures. Therefore, studying a BS biochemistry fulfils the degree requirements ideally.  

Further Possibilities for Studies 

You can not only initiate your professional career with a degree in BS Biochemistry, but you can also continue your advanced education at graduate and doctoral levels of education. The students may go for MS biochemistry or MPhil in the relevant fields. Moreover, you can also pursue a PhD and research in the area of your interest.  

Lahore-UBAS offers Scholarships and Facilities 

Now that you know the effectiveness and broadness of BS Biochemistry, you may think about the reasons to choose Lahore-UBAS for study purposes. If you are thinking about this, keep reading the text below, as we have noted the reasons to choose Lahore-UBAS for investing your precious resources with us!  

  1. Lahore-UBAS is a part of the largest education network of Pakistan. 
  2. Lahore-UBAS Provides Massive & Multiple Scholarships 
  3. Well-Structured Campus 
  4. State-of-the-art & Latest Laboratories 
  5. Hostel & Cafeteria Facilities 
  6. Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities 
  7. Experienced and Learned Faculty 
  8. HEC Approved Curriculum  

For scholarship purposes, you can visit our scholarship policy. For other facilities, you can visit the campus life 

Admissions 2023 Are Open 

Lahore-UBAS is accepting admission applications for 2023. BS Biochemistry is also the offered programme. You can apply through an online portal and process your application without hassle and with confidence.  

Final Call 

BS Biochemistry can be your ideal degree if you have an interest in the biological sciences and chemical procedures inside living beings. Take admission today to lead the field professionally tomorrow. You can become a Pharmacologist with a BS in Biochemistry. Admissions 2023 are open! Don’t miss a chance and apply before the procedure ends! 

Clinical Psychology Compliments Physical Therapy in Various Ways

No matter whether you choose a BS in clinical psychology or a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree. You will decide to help people in need and serve humanity. Physical therapy and clinical psychology are separate professions with different roles to play in the healthcare sector. However, there are professional instances in which the theories and methods of clinical psychology can support physical therapy. As a result, students with a BS in Clinical Psychology can pursue to help physical therapy patients.  

Difference Between Clinical Psychology and DPT  

Clinical psychology focuses on assessing and treating mental and emotional disorders, while physical therapy focuses on rehabilitating individuals with physical impairments and promoting their physical well-being. BS Clinical Psychology is a four-year degree in clinical psychology.   

On the other hand, the physical therapy deals with the physical pains and movements. Therefore, the patients are mostly suggested to go under professional sessions from physical therapists to overcome hurdles after injuries and accidents and to regain their possible potential. DPT is an entry-level degree to become a physical therapist in five years divided into ten semesters.  

How Does Clinical Psychology Complement DPT?  

clinical psychology compliments physical therapy as such

Clinical Psychologists can Help DPT Professionals in various ways. The sole reason is that any unfortunate event resulting from an accident, injury, or limitation in physical activity affects mental health on multiple dimensions. Therefore, clinical psychologists can support the therapy sessions of physical therapy to multiply the benefits and speed up the sessions. Further details are available below.    

Clinical Psychologists Help in Pain Management 

Physical therapists can work with clinical psychologists to treat the psychological components of pain. Anxiety, depression and feelings of guilt are common emotional aspects of chronic pain that might impede a patient’s success in physical treatment. Psychologists can work with patients to create coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques, and cognitive-behavioural interventions to manage their discomfort and increase their adherence to the physical therapy program.  

Behavioural Change is Possible with Professional Psychology Sessions 

 Physical therapists frequently work with patients who need to make significant lifestyle adjustments, like forming better habits, controlling their weight, or quitting smoking. Clinical psychologists can provide ways to help patients identify and attain their goals while also assisting in creating behaviour change programs.   

Physical Pain Calls for Anxiety and Phobia Management 

Some patients could experience anxiety or phobias due to accidents, surgery, or physical therapy. Clinical psychologists can provide patients with therapeutic procedures like exposure therapy or relaxation methods to assist them in overcoming these emotional obstacles.  

Physical Therapy Includes Rehabilitation Adherence 

Keeping patients motivated to follow their rehabilitation regimens can be difficult. Clinical psychologists can assist in identifying and resolving adherence issues, such as a lack of motivation, a fear of reinjury, or previous traumatic experiences.  

Biofeedback and Mind-Body Techniques 

Some physical therapists use biofeedback and mind-body strategies in their therapy plans. Physical therapists and psychologists can collaborate to improve these methods, assisting patients in learning to regulate physiological reactions and cope with stress.   

Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration 

Clinical psychologists and physical therapists may require multidisciplinary cooperation when treating patients with complicated physical and psychological disorders. This coordinated approach ensures the simultaneous addressing of physical and mental health issues.  

Get Admission to BS Clinical Psychology Today at Lahore-UBAS  

Lahore-UBAS offers the best learning experience in various health disciplines. BS Clinical Psychology is one of them. The admissions for fall 2023 are open. Apply through an online portal and step up towards excellence.   

Reasons to Choose Lahore-UBAS  

In addition to quality education, there are many other reasons to choose Lahore-UBAS for biological and health sciences. Some of them are available below.   

  • State-of-the-art Huge Campus  
  • Multiple Scholarship Options  
  • Equipped Laboratories  
  • On-Campus Hospital Training Opportunities  
  • Hygienic Cafeteria  
  • Furnished Libraries  
  • Multimedia Halls and Auditoriums  
  • Mosques & Hostels  
  • Indoor Sports Courts   

Final Word   

It’s crucial to remember that clinical psychology can support physical therapy but cannot take the place of it. Physical therapists are often needed to handle the unique physical demands of patients with physical disabilities or injuries. Physical therapy incorporating clinical psychology concepts can improve patients’ overall health by attending to their physical and psychological needs. Collaboration between experts in many domains may result in more comprehensive and successful healthcare solutions.  


Scope of BS Microbiology in the Field of Nutrition

Choosing the right educational path is compulsory in shaping your future career.  In the current setting, many students want to follow nutrition and dietetics. However, one fascinating field that often goes hand-in-hand with nutrition is microbiology. Microbiology-study of microscopic organisms plays a significant role in understanding the complex relationship between our bodies and the food we consume. In this blog post, we will explore why pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Microbiology can be your gateway to a rewarding career in nutrition. You can consider this post to make a wise decision with respect to your career. The admissions process is underway at Lahore-UBAS. 

Difference Between Microbiology and Nutrition & Dietetics 

Microbiology is a different field in comparison to nutrition and dietetics. The difference lies between the courses and content of both sub-fields of applied sciences. BS Microbiology falls under applied sciences, whereas BS nutrition and dietetics are classified under health sciences. Yet, there are some overlapping content details in both of them. Check out the curriculums here. 

Because of these common courses, there is a major possibility for any such students who dream of making a career in nutrition to do so with a degree in microbiology. Hence, you can say a BS Microbiology is also ideal for a career in nutrition sciences. 

Therefore, if you are curious about BS Microbiology, you can read the details here 

Scope of BS Microbiology for Nutrition Sciences 

Scope of BS Microbiology in Nutrition

BS Degree in Both Specialisations  

Whether you choose BS Microbiology or BS Nutrition and Dietetics, you can study a four-year degree programme with the best facilities. At Lahore-UBAS, we offer the authorised and regularly updated curriculum for study purposes.  

In addition, other on-campus facilities are also applicable to the students of BS Microbiology. As well as to other disciplines.  

Understanding the Microbiome in BS Microbiology 

The human microbiome is an intricate community of microorganisms living within our bodies, primarily in the gut. These microorganisms play a crucial role in digestion, metabolism, and overall health. A BS in Microbiology equips you with the knowledge and skills to study and manipulate these microbial communities. By understanding how different bacteria impact digestion and nutrient absorption, you can make informed recommendations for personalised nutrition plans. That’s where nutrition and dietetics come into play from BS Microbiology. 

BS Microbiology Can Help to Handle Food Processing 

Microbes actively participate in the creation of nutrients; they are not only motionless components of our bodies. For example, specific gut bacteria oversee the creation of important vitamins like vitamins K and B. A foundation in microbiology enables you to delve into the complex mechanics underlying these processes, resulting in improvements in the production and supplementation of nutrient-rich foods. 

Food Scientists with BS Microbiology Ensures Food Safety 

Experts in identifying and controlling dangerous microbes in food include microbiologists. This skill set is priceless in the food sector, where maintaining the edible goods’ safety and quality is of the utmost importance. You can contribute to the development of safer and healthier food items, supporting greater public health by fusing nutritional knowledge with microbiological expertise.  

BS Microbiology Means Research Opportunities 

Microbiologists are at the forefront of scientific research, continually exploring the links between microorganisms and human health. With a BS in Microbiology, you can engage in innovative research that advances our understanding of how the microbiome influences nutrition and metabolism. This research can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations in the field of nutrition.  

Diversified Career Combination: Nutrition and Microbiology 

A BS in Microbiology provides a versatile foundation that opens doors to various career paths. You can work in research and development for food companies, public health agencies, or academic institutions. Alternatively, you can become a clinical microbiologist, focusing on diagnosing and treating infectious diseases with a strong understanding of how nutrition impacts immune health. 

Bridging the Gap Between Disciplines 

In recent years, there has been a growing realization of the interplay between microbiology and nutrition. Many health professionals seek individuals to bridge the gap between these two disciplines. By pursuing a BS in Microbiology, you position yourself as a valuable asset in multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with nutritionists and healthcare providers to deliver holistic patient care. 

Want to Apply for BS Microbiology?  

Lahore-UBAS is accepting applications for BS Microbiology for fall admissions 2023. If you have an interest in the field, it is better to apply before the last seat gets filled. Quick decisions are always the best to make when there is enough time. An online admission portal is available for the process of application.  


A Bachelor of Science in Microbiology can be your gateway to a rewarding and impactful career in nutrition. With a solid foundation in microbiology, you will be well-prepared to explore the complex relationship between the human microbiome (collection of microbes) and nutrition, contribute to food safety and quality, conduct groundbreaking research, and become a valuable interdisciplinary team member. This educational path empowers you to make a difference in people’s lives and offers diverse career opportunities in a rapidly evolving field. So, if you are passionate about nutrition and intrigued by the microbial world, consider pursuing a BS in Microbiology – it might just be the key to unlocking your dream career in nutrition. 

BS English Language and Literature Boosts English Proficiency

An undergraduate degree in English will increase your grip on the international mode of communication. Thus, you can study, and explore several cultures and learn through online resources. Thus, Lahore-UBAS, Offers a BS English Language and Literature for those who have a fondness for creativity, story writing and literature.  

Benefits to Pursue English Language & Literature in BS 

English is an international language; therefore, it is the major mode of communication throughout the globe. Furthermore, a proficient person can read, study, and learn from the latest trends and information that are globally available in black and white in the English language.  

Routledge lists twelve benefits to studying English as an undergraduate. However, in a nutshell, you can open a doorway for global opportunities in terms of both learning, exploring and earning perspective.  

Furthermore, Lahore-UBAS is offering a BS in English Language and Literature for their undergraduate program under the faculty of social sciences.  Those who are interested in linguistics can experience a rich life at the Lahore UBAS campus.  

The university offers a chance for skill development during the course of this four-year degree. Details are available below.  

Skills Development with BS English Language & Literature 

SKILLS in BS English language and Literature

The BS English Program develops a variety of important abilities that can be applied in a variety of professional settings. Students gain  

  • Strong written and spoken communication abilities, allowing them to communicate complicated concepts, express themselves effectively, and engage in critical dialogue. 
  • The study of literature hones analytical and critical thinking skills, helping students to examine and comprehend texts from many perspectives.  
  • Furthermore, the Program fosters creativity, empathy, cultural awareness, and the ability to negotiate different perspectives and worldviews. 

The Curriculum of Undergraduate in English 

The BS in English language and literature is an approved degree program for four years. The curriculum is a combination of core, elective, general, and many more. Furthermore, students explore the historical, cultural, and social circumstances that shape literature through attentive reading, textual analysis, and interpretation of literary works. The Program may also include opportunities for research projects, seminars, and internships to help students improve their practical skills and knowledge of the topic. 

Further Options to Study after BS English Language  

Once students complete their bachelors in English Language and Literature, they can pursue their advanced education. Master’s and PhD are the available options. Furthermore, during the degree, students will also get numerous skills like critical analysis, cultural literacy, etc.  

You can explore more about BS English Language and Literature here 

Career Options after BS Language & Literature 

Let’s search about the possible career opportunities after completion of a BS in English Language and Literature.  

You can join any of the following careers. 

  1. Publications 
  2. Author 
  3. Editor 
  4. Teacher, Lecturer, Professor 
  5. Research 
  6. Journalism 
  7. Communications 
  8. Librarian  
  9. Online Tutor 
  10. IELTs instructor 

Admissions for 2023 are Open 

In addition to the high-quality education, the students can get a chance to experience the vibrant life at Lahore- UBAS. We have all the necessary facilities to address the 21st century requirements. In the following, all the benefits are available. 

  • A Status of Chartered University 
  • Part of Largest National Educational network 
  • Sister Institution to 3 well-known Universities 
  • A Large Campus in the beaty of Lahore 
  • Multiple Scholarship Options 
  • State-of-the-art Campus 
  • Rich Libraries 
  • Cafeterias 
  • Protected Hostels 
  • Vibrant Campus Life 

The applications for fall admissions 2023 are welcomed from those who want to study the knowledge and gain hands-on experience with various latest skills during their stay at the university. You can apply on the online admission portal. Be quick, and don’t miss a chance.  


As you have gone through the in-depth details and learning opportunities directly related to the BS English Language and Literature, we are sure that now if you had any confusion in your mind, it would have been clear. Hence, on this concluding point, we are happy to remind you that fall admissions 2023 are on the roll at Lahore-UBAS. Apply today and initiate a life as creative as your inner child is with BS in English Language and literature.  

Pursue BS Medical Lab Technology at Lahore-UBAS

BS Medical Lab Technology is a professional degree that falls under the faculty of applied health sciences. Lahore-UBAS brings world-class education in the beautiful, serene location of Lahore. Moreover, to conduct laboratory tests, analyse clinical specimens, and contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, this program focuses on developing fundamental knowledge, skills, and competencies. This article covers what you can learn during the course of this study program, with the career prospects. Furthermore, the admissions 2023 are open and the link for the online admission portal is also a part of this writeup.  

BS in Medical Lab Technology 

A professional degree is highly demanded in medical lab technology in the national and international spheres. The subjects as part of the course are available in detail. However, as an overview, clinical chemistry, haematology, microbiology, immunology, pathology, molecular diagnostics, blood banking, clinical laboratory management, and medical ethics.  

These all are windows to understand the exclusiveness and variety of the learning outcomes and skillset with BS Medical Lab Technology.  

Curriculum to Become Medical Lab Technologist

The BS MLT Program’s curriculum is made up of a mix of in-class lectures, lab work, and clinical rotations. Through practical laboratory tasks, students acquire theoretical concepts in the classroom and develop practical skills. During supervised clinical rotations in hospitals or other healthcare institutions, they can also put their knowledge and abilities to use in clinical settings. The program’s objectives are to give graduates the skills necessary to operate a variety of lab equipment, conduct a wide range of tests, and adhere to safety and quality guidelines. 

The course curriculum is divided into eight semesters. More details are available here 

Career Possibilities after BS Medical Lab Technology 

Students after completing their BS in Medical Lab Technology can become professional technologists in medical labs. Furthermore, after specialisation, students can also become field leaders, and researchers, and get involved in academics.

BS Medical Lab Technologist Career Options at Ubas 

Furthermore, clinics, hospitals, and government medical facilities are all open for Medical Lab Technology graduates.  

Reason To Study at Lahore-UBAS 

Lahore-UBAS brings ample reasons and benefits to studying BS Medical Lab Technology. Some of the outstanding advantages are available in the content below. 

As Lahore-UBAS aims to become a leading university in applied and health sciences. We have undertaken a wholesome approach to medical learning and teaching matters. Hence, students will enjoy the following facilities while they study BS Medical Lab Technology at Lahore-UBAS.  

  • Various Scholarships 
  • Rich Campus Life 
  • Safe and Nurturing Hostel Environment 
  • Treasure Trobe of Knowledge- Libraries 
  • Top-Notch Sports Facilities 
  • Hands-on Experience through Associated Hospitals 
  • On-Campus Mosque 
  • Hygienic Food at Food Courts 
  • Multimedia Halls and Auditorium 
  • Well-Established Courts and Indoor Games Options  
  • Placement Opportunities 

Apply for Admissions 2023 

We are accepting online admission applications for the year 2023. The same is applicable to students who want to become medical lab technologists in future. Criteria, scholarships, and other details are available on the website. Furthermore, you can avail of the online admission portal.  


Lahore-UBAS brings an opportunity to become a medical lab technologist with the best of the learning and field exposure. Therefore, do not miss a chance and apply today as admissions 2023 are open.  

BS Anaesthesia Technology: Excel the Perioperative Care & Anaesthesia Management

If you are someone keener on pre-operation management or surgical preparations, then you can join the BS Anaesthesia Technology at Lahore-UBAS. This article explains the scope, approach, and learning opportunities for students interested in this part of medical services. It is a great idea to stay connected till the last word, as you will get all the required information and admission link in this write-up for quick access.  

BS Anaesthesia at Lahore-UBAS 

A specialised degree programme comprised of four years is offered for a sensitive and essential field of anaesthesia. The field of medicine has seen massive growth in past years. Reducing the main and increase of comfort is the prime focus to raise the quality and quantity of human life.  

Anaesthesia is an essential procedure for major and painful surgery operations. Therefore, hospitals and healthcare institutions often look for specialised people. The people who are skilful enough to manage the complexity and match the appropriate level of required procedure of anaesthesia.  

Therefore, Lahore-UBAS brings BS Anaesthesia Technology to make responsible, responsive, empathic, and quick anaesthesia technologists to the national and international medical centres for the best services. You can learn more about BS Anaesthesia here 

Course Overview in BS Anaesthesia 

Medicine is ever-evolving; there are many sensitive areas that require precautionary measures and ample care. Similarly, to become a medical professional, it is crucial to consider the curriculum before confirming admission at any institution.  

Therefore, Lahore-UBAS offers the approved and upgraded course for learning purposes for successful degree completion of BS Anaesthesia.  

BS Anesthesia Technology at Lahore UBAS

We have designed the course by combining the most essential and advanced subjects. To enhance the expertise and knowledge base of our enrolled students.  The students will get an opportunity to study anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, anaesthesia equipment and instrumentation, anaesthesia procedures, patient monitoring, patient safety, surgical procedures, and perioperative care. 

The goal is to develop a sound understanding of technical and clinical skills among our young graduates. You can watch out for the complete detail of the course for BS Anaesthesia here.  

Skills You Will Learn Are 

During the course of study, our students will learn ample skills to stay competitive during their professional life. For instance, anaesthesia technologists should know anaesthesia techniques and medications. Furthermore, proficiency is required for the operations and management of anaesthesia management. Observing their patients through catching and understanding the condition of in-procedure patients to handle any difficult situation is also crucial to learn.  

Career Scope after BS Anaesthesia

There is a wide-open space for the graduates of BS Anaesthesia. They can work as anaesthesia technologists at medical facilities such as hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, and emergency rooms, supporting anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other medical specialists. anaesthetic technicians are essential perioperative team members because they help administer anaesthetic, monitor patients’ vital signs, ensure that anaesthesia equipment is operating properly, and keep the operating room clean and safe. Graduates can also pursue careers in anaesthetic technology research, teaching, or leadership. 

Further Education Perspective 

However, students will get ample opportunities to study further and keep their education on their competitive edge. This is also because medicine is ever evolving and growing field. Therefore, knowledge upgrades and skill updation is always required to stay market and field competitive.  

For this purpose, students can pursue higher education, approved certifications like paediatric anaesthesia, cardiac anaesthesia, or neurasthenia. Moreover, seminars, workshops, professional training and advanced education are always on the go.  

Reasons to Join Lahore-UBAS 

Knowing your prospective institution is essential before making a major decision regarding admissions. Here, we shall provide you with an overview of Lahore-UBAS, its credibility, on-campus amenities, and openness to placement.  

Lahore-UBAS is a chartered university that works under the umbrella of the largest educational group of the Pakistan-Punjab Group. Hence, it becomes the fourth (4th) university alongside UCP, CUST, and MAJU for the group. 

Therefore, the quality of education with the level of accommodation and aspiration is unmatched and well-maintained throughout the sister institutions. Some of the astonishing features of Lahore-UBAS are as follows.  

  • Association of State-of-the-art Teaching Hospital 
  • Comprehensive & Rich Learning Environment 
  • Broad Scholarship Options 
  • Rich Campus Life & Providing Student Life 
  • Industry Partnerships, internships, and Placement Opportunities 
  • Well Developed Hostels 
  • Graded Cafeteria  
  • Book Stocked Libraries 
  • Large University Campus 

If you are looking for other information apart from scholarships and life at campus, you can get in touch with us through email or phone. Resources for contact are available.  

Apply Online for BS Anaesthesia Technology 

Now, without any further, we are telling you to apply for BS Anaesthesia and become a professional with Lahore-UBAS. As you are connected with us till now, it shows your interest in studying at UBAS.  

You can apply through the website.  as admissions 2023 are on the go! 


BS Anaesthesia will help you become a professional perioperative care expert and anaesthesia technologist. Apply today to start with one of the most professional and rich medical institutes, located in Lahore.  

Lahore-UBAS offers BS Environmental Sciences in 2023

Do you want to become a professional environmental scientist in Lahore? And also looking for a reliable, regulated, authorised and chartered medical institution in 2023? Then, you should know about Lahore-UBAS. This article will comprehensively introduce Lahore-UBAS and its degree programmes like BS Environmental Sciences for Admissions 2023. Make sure you read it until the end for authentic facts and figures. The admission form is also available at the end of this article.  

Let’s Introduce Lahore-UBAS 

Lahore-UBAS aims to be a leading university in the humanitarian biology and health sciences field. We offer excellence in the form of various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. LMCD awarded university charter, – Lahore-UBAS, working under the umbrella of the prestigious Punjab Group. Hence, it’s 4th university to embark on a journey to educational excellence.  

The details of our BS Environmental Sciences, with future perspectives, incentives and benefits, are placed as under.  

Programs at Lahore-UBAS 

Lahore-UBAS offers 18 programs as undergraduate and graduate programs. The list of the programs is available below. Furthermore, each program’s content and course outline is carefully drafted and curated with due diligence.  

We have considered the regulatory requirements and modern developments before curriculum designing. We aim to provide skilled and knowledgeable professionals to Pakistan’s medical, health and biological sciences, who would be able to address the complexities and sensitivities relating to human health, emotions and the environment with empathy and care.  

Study BS Environment Sciences with Us 

At Lahore-UBAS, we offer four faculties. The faculty of Biological Sciences is one of them. Hence, we are talking about BS Environmental Sciences; in the content below.  

BS Environmental Sciences is a professional degree for the duration of four (4) years. During these four years, students would pass through 08 semesters. These semesters have extensive courses for the wholesome development of our students as the entire BS Environmental Sciences combines various elements of biology, chemistry, geology, ecology, and other disciplines. 

A Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Sciences is a degree that will prepare students to become specialists in the surroundings and consultants to address the issues that are caused by adverse human activities. Therefore, you will learn a course that circles around exciting and ever-evolving subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, environmental biology, environmental chemistry, and environmental ecology.  And many more are available 

At Lahore-UBAS, students will not only learn knowledge-based skills but also get a chance to develop experimental learning. Students can obtain practical experience, sharpen their critical thinking, and strengthen their problem-solving abilities through fieldwork, lab experiments, and research projects. Students might also have the chance to focus on topics like environmental chemistry, environmental policy, renewable energy, environmental health, or ecosystem management. 

Learn more about BS Environmental Sciences at Lahore-UBAS here!   

Eligibility Criteria for BS Environmental Sciences  

To enrol in BS Environmental Sciences, the following criteria must be met.   

Criteria Prerequisite: Minimum 45% Marks in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent (Pre-Medical) 

Further Opportunities for Environmental Scientists 

Climate Change is one of the biggest threats and concerns of the modern era. Pakistan is one of the most-at-stake countries in the world. Therefore, our environment needs sustainability and slowing down the process of damage.  

For this reason, students with a professional degree in environmental sciences will enjoy the opportunities to have a massive multitude of work. Some of the career prospects could be as follows.  

  • Environmental Consultant 
  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Sustainability Specialist 
  • Conservation Biologist 
  • Environmental Policy Analyst 
  • Renewable Energy Consultant 
  • Water Resources Specialist 
  • Environmental Educator 

Lahore-UBAS Offers Scholarships 

Various Scholarship options are available for all students at Lahore-UBAS. In addition, all other faculties are eligible for scholarships. However, the criteria are different for all. The scholarship policy is available for further reading.  

Other Reasons to Study at Lahore-UBAS 

Lahore-UBAS Benefits Admissions Open 2023 for BS Environmental Sciences

In addition to the rich curriculum, there are many solid reasons that it would be your once-in-a-lifetime experience if you study at Lahore-UBAS to become an environmental specialist with BS in Environment Sciences. Some of the prominent features are listed below. 

  • Highly Qualified & Experience Faculty 
  • Large Magnificent Campus Setting on 120 Kanals in Lahore 
  • State-of-the-art teaching Hospital 
  • Cutting Edge Facilities like accommodating hostels & cafeterias 
  • Equipped Labs & Laboratories 
  • Rich Campus Culture & Student Life 
  • Massive Scholarship Options 
  • Extra-Curricular Activities 
  • Industry Placements, Partnerships and Internship Options 

Admissions for 2023 are Open 

Lahore-UBAS opens fall intake for 2023. Get a chance and decide to take the lead for tomorrow. The application form is available online.   


 Biological Sciences is a popular and demanded faculty. Hence, it is available for interested students at Lahore-UBAS. We, working as a chartered university, under the umbrella of Punjab Group, as 4th university. Aiming for academic excellence and a better future. BS Environmental Sciences at Lahore-UBAS is available. Take admission today, under fall admissions 2023.     

Lahore University of Biological & Applied Sciences