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Why Celebrating World Anaesthesia Day is Important?

Why Celebrating World Anaesthesia Day is Important?

Do you have any idea about what anaesthesia is and why spreading its awareness is important? First of all, let me tell you that on 16-Oct, every year, World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated. Here, you might want to know why it is important. Therefore, I have mentioned all the brief information from its history to its significance in the content below. 

History of Anaesthesia 

The first-ever anaesthesiologist, William T. G. Morton, administered diethyl ether anaesthesia successfully on 16 October 1846. World Anaesthesia Day was established to celebrate the significance of this historic day. Additionally, one should know how much it has contributed to the medical world. Moreover, it is also known as the National Anaesthesia Day which is celebrated by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists. 

Over 150 countries host several events and post on social media to spread awareness of this day. Every individual should know the importance of anaesthesiologists in this world. It is the revolutionary medical field which enables doctors to administer pain-free surgeries and other medical procedures.  

In today’s modern times, to remember past success, every history which embarks on a positive change for the upcoming years should be celebrated. Thus, you must want to know how it is making a change in today’s world. So, keep on reading this article to get an idea about this medical field until the end. 

What is Anaesthesia? 

A drug which is given by a professional anesthesiologist to prevent pain or discomfort in the patient is known as an anaesthetic. It is used in a variety of medical procedures, especially for surgeries. Moreover, it is available in a lot of different forms such as: 

types of anaesthesia

  1. General  
  2. Regional  
  3. Local 

An anesthesiologist assesses every medical condition and then makes a decision about which form is more feasible. If there is an open-heart surgery, general anaesthesia will be administered. Similarly, local anaesthesia is used for other medical procedures including some dental surgeries such as root canals. Furthermore, regional one is administered to help with the pain in the parts like hands, feet etc. (mainly for orthopaedic surgeries).  

Limitations of Anaesthetics in Pakistan 

Due to ongoing challenges and inflation issues, there has been a shortage of quality anaesthetics in public and private hospitals in Pakistan. In addition to that, there has been a lack in the quality of equipment provided in the healthcare centres which raises the question of the quality of experience given to the patient. 

Therefore, there is a need to work in this regard to make it better. And yes, there have been many interventions planned for the future. So, we hope to see a better work situation in the field of anaesthesia in the upcoming years. Furthermore, there is also a decrease in several skilled anaesthesiologists or anaesthetists which results in many opportunities for our future professionals to enjoy good job opportunities in Pakistan.  

But before choosing this degree for your future, you must know why it is important and what benefits it will bring to your professional career. 

Significance of Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiologists in the 21st Century 

This day not only commemorates the big success of the anaesthesiology field but also highlights the ongoing commitment to delivering safe and effective anaesthesia in the modern medical world. In the 21st century, there have been many advancements introduced but we still need this revolutionary field to help our patients to manage pain.  

A surgeon can do any surgery, but they need an anaesthesiologist on the front line of their medical team to have a safe and secure surgical procedure. Additionally, anaesthesiologists are of great importance because when a doctor needs to book an operation theatre, the first thing they do is to make sure of the availability of an anaesthesia expert. Because without them, our medical field cannot function properly. 

Thus, you should opt for this degree to have a promising future if you are interested in working with doctors to perform a wide range of medical procedures. Moreover, you can also help the poor and needy with pain management and other medical issues while working professionally. 

Events Happening on World Anaesthesia Day in Pakistan 2023 

Events Happening on World Anaesthesia Day in Pakistan 2023 

This day is important to spread awareness and knowledge about this field in Pakistan, too. Many hospitals and clinics are hosting pain management events on this day. This initiative can help our local population in a lot of ways. Like in Ghurki Trust and Teaching Hospital, Free Pain Management Clinic is happening right now to help people manage the pain of the following conditions: 

  1. Lower Back Pain (Sciatica) 
  2. Sports Injury 
  3. Arthritis Pain 
  4. Neurogenic Pain 
  5. Cervical Pain 
  6. Migraines and Headaches 
  7. Knee and Shoulder Pain 
  8. Other Chronic Aches 

This tells us that like other international countries, Pakistan is also taking initiative in the development of this field. So, if you want to become a reputable anaesthesiologist, then you should look for an exclusive undergraduate degree. Ultimately, you should search for a bachelor’s programme in Anaesthesia Technology from a well-known institute.  

Anaesthesiology – An Amazing Medical Field 

The Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS) is offering a top-notch BS Anaesthesia Technology degree for all intermediate (pre-medical) and A-level students. 

Learn more through our official website here. 

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