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Learn About BS Environmental Science Scope in Pakistan

Learn About BS Environmental Science Scope in Pakistan

Are you interested in learning about sustainable ways to help our environment? But you do not know how to help the environment? No worries, because you can study an amazing undergraduate degree which is beneficial for your future, as well. Because the BS Environmental Science Scope is rising day by day in Pakistan and also on an international level. 

What is Environmental Science? 

In this article, I will tell you about environmental science, but I should ask you first, do you have any idea about what an environment is? Well, an environment, in simple words, includes everything in the surroundings of an individual, animal or plant. So, the science which deals with the study of all the factors affecting a specific environment is known as environmental science. 

Another word which is used for it is environmental engineering. Moreover, it consists of the fields such as: 

  • Ecology 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Geography and much more 

Thus, if you are interested in learning about all the amazing information this field has to offer, then you should apply to an outstanding university. Your choice of university should be HEC-recognised and fully equipped with all the amazing features. Therefore, you should look into the fall admissions 2023 at Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS). 

Bachelor of Environmental Science at Lahore-UBAS 

We believe that every one of you, who is eager to learn about all the innovative teachings of the field of environmental sciences should enrol at our university. It is not only because we offer the best and HEC-approved curriculum, but we have a lot of other useful features, too. To know about it more, you are always welcome to visit our official site. 

BS Environmental Science Subjects at Our Institute 

If you want to get the most out of this degree, you should choose a university which offers a comprehensive course syllabus with all the beneficial subjects with topics like the following: 

  • Environmental Policy 
  • Pollution Control 
  • Resource Management 
  • Climate Change 
  • Biodiversity Conservation 
  • Sustainable Practices 

Furthermore, you can prolong your studies and opt for a specialisation in the below-mentioned areas: 

  1. Environmental Chemistry 
  2. Renewable Energy 
  3. Environmental Health 
  4. Environmental Policy 
  5. Ecosystem Management 

Thus, you can always prosper in future after studying at our top-notch institute, because we have the best faculty which is comprised of all the skilful professors.  

BS Environmental Science Scope 

There are many issues currently prevailing in our world like ozone depletion, loss of global diversity, scarce energy resources, global warming, deforestation etc. Therefore, there is a high increase in the demand for the BS Environmental Science degree in Pakistan especially on international grounds.   

BS Environmental Science Scope 

As the scope of this undergraduate programme is soaring high, so as the job opportunities in multiple fields such as: 

  1. Engineering Companies 
  2. Agriculture Firms 
  3. Forest Industry 
  4. Construction Companies 
  5. Horticulture Centres 
  6. Environment Protection Centres 
  7. Government Institutes 
  8. Academia 
  9. Non-Profitable Organisations 

So, you should be thinking about what you will do after joining the above-mentioned organisations. For this reason, you should read the content below as I have mentioned the jobs you can apply to after your graduation. 

Multiple Career Opportunities 

I know every one of you is looking for a field which will ensure a good income in future. Therefore, you can choose to work in the field of environmental science to play the following roles: 

  1. Environmental Specialist 
  2. Marine Biologist 
  3. Environmental Technician 
  4. Wildlife Biologist 
  5. Environment Science Teacher 
  6. Microbiologist  
  7. Environmental Chemist 
  8. Geographer or Geologist 
  9. Environmental Scientist 
  10. Nature Health Officer 
  11. Ecologist 
  12. Meteorologist 
  13. Environmental Lawyer 
  14. Water Quality Scientist 
  15. Environmental Health and Safety Officer 

To excel in these roles, you should have a strong grip on skills like composing lab reports, research, organisational skills, attention to detail, deductive reasoning, environmental sampling and proposing solutions to environmental issues.  

Ultimately, you should enrol yourself at our renowned educational institute right away for a bright future. But first, you should know whether you are eligible for this undergraduate programme at our university or not. 

Learn more through our other blog post. 

Our Eligibility Criteria for BS Environmental Science  

Firstly, you should at least have a score of 45%in your intermediate or A-levels. Secondly, you should have been a student of pre-medical to apply for this programme. 

Apply for Fall Admissions 2023 at Lahore-UBAS 

The good news is that the admissions in the Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences are open right now! So, you can apply online for the degree of BS Environmental Science via our 24/7 available admission portal. Moreover, you can also visit our university campus in Lahore and learn about our on-site admission procedure through our admission office. 

Do Not Wait any more and apply at Lahore-UBAS Right Now! 

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