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BS in Radiology: Scope in Pakistan

radiology at Lahore-UBAS

Lahore UBAS offers a BS in Radiology and Imaging Technology to students who are interested in diagnostic imaging. The course is a compilation of various basic to advanced level courses, which enhances students understanding to the core to handle the patients in a very professional way. This article will explore the career prospects the students of BS Radiology can enjoy.  

What is Radiology Imaging Technology? 

Radiology and Imaging Technology is a diversified medical field with massive scope. From foundational sciences to biomedical engineering and clinical medication, everything is covered.  

Diagnostic Radiology, Intervention Radiology, Radiation Therapy, and Nuclear Medicine are some areas of Radiology and Imaging Technology.  

Students of BS in Radiology will learn to test and take images of various body parts of patients. And also, to diagnose the scale of health issues they suffer.  

BS in Radiology and Imaging Technology in Lahore 

Lahore-UBAS offers BS Radiology and Imaging Technology. The curriculum is extensive and knowledge-oriented. Moreover, students will get hands-on experience with the on-campus hospital, with 1100 beds on the premises.  

The course details for BS in Radiology are interesting to know before considering Lahore-UBAS for admissions in Spring 2024.  

Students will get eight semesters with six subjects. Courses like medical biochemistry, human physiology, human anatomy, general radiology, radiology positioning and practice, and computed tomography (CT) are duly a part of this four years bachelor’s program of BS in Radiology at Lahore-UBAS.  

Sope of Radiology & Imaging Technology 

The radiology and imaging technology produces highly skilled radiologists. A huge number of these radiologists are required in the medical field. The graduates with a BS Radiology can become any of the following: 

  • Radiographers or Radiologic Technologists 
  • Medical Researcher 
  • Diagnostics Medical Sonographer 
  • Medical Imaging Technologist 

Mostly, after a BS in Radiology, students would be serving the vast medical field in various capacities. Such as,  

  • Surgery 
  • Paediatrics 
  • Obstetrics 
  • Oncology 
  • Trauma-Responses 
  • Emergency Medical Treatments 
  • Infectious Diseases 
  • Cancer Diagnostics 

Because, in many diseases and medical complications, it is nearly impossible to analyse the level of damage. To analyse the stage of disease, imaging scans, are often demanded to initiate an accurate form of treatment.  

Professional radiologists are people who have good knowledge and skills in radiological services.  

  1. Medical Know-How 
  2. Art of Patient Care with Skills & Empathy 
  3. Good Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communications 
  4. Professional Competency 

These are the major skills that the students of BS in radiology will learn. Furthermore, students will be allowed to get admission to the advanced level of education after a BS in radiology.  

BS in Radiology scope in Pakistan

According to market surveys, a professional radiologist with an undergraduate degree in radiology and imaging technology can earn up to 160k per month in Pakistan. However, the range may vary from city to city and area to area. Moreover, on the international spectrum, radiologists can earn a handsome amount.  

Apply for BS Radiology and Imaging Technology 2024 

Hence, if you are interested in applying for a BS degree in Radiology and Imaging Technology you can apply to Lahore- UBAS, at the Spring Admissions 2024.  

Why Lahore-UBAS? 

Lahore-UBAS (LMDC awarded University Charter) offers 18-degree programmes in biological and applied sciences. It is the fourth university under the umbrella of the largest private educational group in Pakistan- Punjab Group.  

Moreover, the students will get ample attention from teachers at Lahore-UBAS, because we have good student-teacher ratio (12:1). Moreover, Lahore-UBAS has 18 specialised labs and various academic and non-academic clubs.  

Furthermore, our students can also get an opportunity to attain scholarships and financial assistance on suitable grounds. The scholarship policy is available on the website for your consideration.  

Therefore, you can apply for BS degree in radiology with confidence at Lahore-UBAS. Lahore-UBAS spring admissions 2024 are in full swing.  


BS in Radiology and Imaging Technology can be your gateway to a prosperous career as a radiologist. This part of medicine is heavily relied upon through various diversified medical procedures, such as surgery and diagnostics. Spring Admissions 2024 are open at Lahore-UBAS. Apply through the online portal and don’t miss a chance.  

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