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Become the Doctor of Physical Therapy with Our DPT Degree

Become the Doctor of Physical Therapy with Our DPT Degree

The Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore UBAS) is the best when it comes to professional degrees in Applied Health Sciences. Our university specialises in teaching different full-length medical courses in applied health sciences, including Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).  

So, if you want to become a Dr. of Physiotherapy, you can apply to our university for the optimal learning experience. First, let me tell you what a degree in Physical therapy means and what you will learn through it. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy at Lahore UBAS 

If you have an interest in human anatomy, like what is the human structure and how does the human body work?  Then a degree in physical therapy is ideal for you. You will learn a lot about the basic structures and functioning of bones and muscles in the human body in our Doctor of Physical Therapy Course. 

Additionally, you will learn to examine, evaluate, do prognosis, use interventions, and perform physical therapy techniques on patients. You can also take part in many physician therapy projects. You can be a part of many wellness initiatives with your physical therapy skills. In short, you will help improve the quality of life and physical health of many patients in future. 

Physiotherapist Course Curriculum  

The degree duration of a Doctor of Physical Therapy is 05 years long which has 10 semesters. These semesters will not only include the best theoretical subjects but also abundant development of therapeutic skills and hands-on clinical experience.  

List of Doctor of Physical Therapy Subjects 

Our degree has a top-notch curriculum for physical therapy doctorate with all the practice and training classes to transform you into the best physiotherapy doctor. Some of the subjects for our Doctor of Physical Therapy degree include: 

Doctor Of Physical Therapy Subjects

  1. Anatomy 
  2. Physiology 
  3. Neuroscience 
  4. Biomechanics 
  5. Kinesiology 
  6. Therapeutic Exercise 
  7. Manual Therapy 
  8. Patient Examination 
  9. Clinical Reasoning 
  10. Healthcare Ethics and much more 

So, you will study these subjects with the best possible methodology at Lahore UBAS. Furthermore, we will help you learn about various techniques of physiotherapy to become an outstanding Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

Eligibility Criteria for Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 

At Lahore UBAS, the fee structure is kept quite affordable.  So, you can apply for a Doctor of Physical Therapy if you meet the following admission criteria: 

  1. You must have a minimum of 60% marks in FSC pre-medical 
  2. Other than this, you can also apply if you have at least 60% equivalence marks in A-levels. 

Clinical Physiotherapy Skill Development 

You will never become a competent physiotherapist only with book knowledge. Hence, practical experiences are always needed. Therefore, you will need a lot of practical skills like patient dealing. We aspire to provide the best balance of theory and hands-on training with our different sessions, as mentioned below: 

  • Laboratory sessions 
  • Simulated patient interaction sessions 
  • Clinical practical sessions 

Thus, after attending all these sessions, you will be able to develop the following physical therapy techniques: 

  1. Therapeutic Exercises 
  2. Manual Therapy Techniques 
  3. Gait Training 
  4. Balance Training 
  5. Modalities such as Electrical stimulation and Ultrasound etc. 

What Else Does Lahore UBAS Offer? 

Lahore UBAS has been working to provide all the facilities to make your university life the best. You will study with all the outstanding facilities offered at our prestigious institute by applying for the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy.

What Else Does Lahore UBAS Offer?


Some of them are: 

  1. Multimedia equipped classrooms 
  2. Air-conditioned auditoriums and lecture halls 
  3. Well-furnished campus building 
  4. Professional Faculty Members 
  5. Sports Complex 
  6. Variety of Societies and clubs 
  7. Affiliated Hospital within the Campus Building  
  8. Advanced Labs 
  9. Libraries
  10. Scholarships  

In addition to that, we give you the opportunity to get training under the guidance of our professionals. However, if you are still thinking about whether is this degree beneficial for your future or not? Does it have any scope in Pakistan? Then stay tuned, as we have explored the scope for DPT below.  

DPT Scope 

In the past few years, there has been an increased demand for skilful physiotherapists in our country. This degree is gaining popularity in Pakistan and the scope for a Doctor of Physical Therapy is massive on a global scale. With this degree, you will use your knowledge for the noble cause of helping mankind. So, you can choose the following sectors to work in: 

  1. Hospitals 
  2. Fitness Centres 
  3. Sports Clubs 
  4. Rehabilitation and Trauma Centres 
  5. Outpatient Clinics 
  6. Aesthetic Clinics 
  7. Orthopaedic Centres 
  8. NGOs 
  9. Additionally, you can also join the Government sector or Armed Forces. 

Career Opportunities After Doctor Of Physical Therapy 

Now, I am about to tell you about a variety of jobs available for DPT doctors in Pakistan and across the globe. In future, you will get an option to choose from different roles such as: 

  1. Clinical Physiotherapist in any healthcare setup or any Hospital. 
  2. Sports Physiotherapist 
  3. Physiotherapist for disabled children 
  4. Rehabilitation Physiotherapist 
  5. Physiotherapist in Armed Forces 
  6. Aesthetic Physiotherapist 
  7. Government jobs are also available  

Moreover, you will work in an NGO if you want to help the less privileged 

Apply Today at Lahore UBAS 

You can apply to our Doctor of Physical Therapy by visiting the Lahore UBAS campus or you can also apply within the comfort of your home via our website. Start your academic journey at Lahore UBAS. Apply now as our admission is open.  

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