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The Impact of MS Physical Therapy on Patient Care and Rehabilitation

Lahore-UBAS offers a two-year comprehensive programme under the faculty of applied health sciences focusing on physical therapy as Masters of Science Physical Therapy (MSPT). This degree focuses on rehabilitation and patient recovery from physical limitations and problems. Let’s explore more in this article.  

Masters in Physiotherapy 

Lahore-UBAS offers a comprehensive and advanced-level degree programme to address the complications of a variety of disorders—for instance, musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, gynaecological, and geriatric.   

The MS Physical Therapy is a planned full-time study programme at Lahore-UBAS. Furthermore, the content is curated to address national and international clinical training standards.  

Why are physiotherapists needed? 

Humans are complex and delicate at the same time. Therefore, any injury, accident, or internal damage due to ageing or muscular problems can cause problems in muscles, neurology, respiratory, gynae, or geriatric functions.  

Furthermore, emotional pain, stress, or limitations also call for a qualified and empathetic physiotherapist in various settings. Hence, physical therapists often work with clinical psychologists to speed up the rehabilitation process 

MS Physical Therapy at Lahore UBAS 

With an outcome-based education model, the Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT) ensures academic excellence, skills proficiency, and hands-on learning. Clinical residency and supervised clinical practice are noteworthy for MS Physical Therapy at Lahore-UBAS. 

Course Content of Degree 

Students will get ample opportunity to learn regarding diversified course content for MS Physical Therapy. Some of the most exciting subjects of MS Physical Therapy are as follows. 

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Therapy 
  • Clinical Decision Making 
  • Women’s Health and Fitness 
  • Contemporary approaches in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy; Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound & Intra-Articular Injection Therapy. 

In addition, the degree comprises four (4) semesters, with various study groups from which to choose your subjects. Details are duly available in the course content. In the fourth semester, the programme has a residency programme and a terminal project essential for degree completion.  

Opportunity for Skill Development 

Physical therapists are among the most skilled medical professionals. Lahore-UBAS designed this two-year degree programme intending to develop high-level clinical skills and competency in students.  

For the same reason, our supervised clinical practice and clinical residency will prepare graduates to work with patients in acute, subacute, and community-based healthcare environments. 

The degree programme of master’s in physical therapy at Lahore-UBAS will have clinical certifications that will be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded and hands-on learning experience. 

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Career Prospects Post-MSPT 

Professional physical therapists help people improve their physical functions to the optimal level. This skill supports them in living an easy life free of any disability. The major need for a physical therapist occurs when a person meets any unfortunate accident, pain, injury, or movement issues caused because of the ageing process.  

According to the occupational outlook, the PTs have several duties, including taking care of patients with back and neck injuries, sprains, strains, and fractures, arthritis, amputations, neurological illnesses like cerebral palsy or stroke, work- and sports-related injuries, and other conditions that cause functional issues in people of all ages. 

After Completing my Master of Physio?

why should you pursue MS Physical Therapy from Lahore UBAS

Once you have completed the MSPT, you can join any of the following lines as a physical therapist in a variety of patient care consultancy settings or academics like higher education institutions as academicians, subject specialists, course leaders, and curriculum developers.  

They can advance their careers as specialists in rehabilitation research or public health settings or take your health services as an entrepreneur.  

Apply Online for MS Physical Therapy at Lahore-UBAS 

If you are interested in MS Physical Therapy at Lahore-UBAS, you can apply through the online admission portal for 2024 admissions at Lahore-UBAS. The admission criteria to apply for MS Physical Therapy is essential to follow. 

Furthermore, Lahore-UBAS is an HEC-accredited institution for biological and applied health sciences in Lahore. In addition, we have an on-campus 1100-bed hospital for a better and more comprehensive learning experience for our enrolled students.   

Other Amenities are listed in the link below.  

  • Renowned Faculty 
  • Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio 
  • 18 Specialised Labs 
  • 12 Academic & Non-Academic Clubs 
  • Various Scholarships & Financial Assistance Available 

You can look at the life at UBAS and Scholarship options. 

Final Words 

Opting for MS Physical Therapy can be your gateway towards a rewarding career spiritually, socially, and economically. Lahore-UBAS brings a well-curated and comprehensive two-year programme to enable you to impact society in a positive way with in-depth learning. Apply today in Spring Admissions 2024.  

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