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What Are the Five Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

Five Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

October is observed as a breast cancer month worldwide. Unfortunately, Pakistan tops the list of breast cancer patients in Asian countries. Breast Cancer is one of the major reasons for women’s mortality around the globe. And with Pakistan, the case is no different. Hence, Lahore-UBAS is sharing the top five warning signs to be aware of with respect to breast cancer. In addition, some of the preventive measures are also made a part of the following article. Let’s get started. 

Breast Cancer in Pakistan 

According to the statistics, 109 women die every 24 hours due to breast cancer in Pakistan. Breast Cancer is one of the most common reasons for women’s mortality. Globocan discloses about 28.7 per cent of women die of breast cancer in Pakistan.  

Eye-Opening Facts About Breast Cancer 

World Health Organisation (WHO) discloses the following eye-opening facts about breast cancer in Pakistan.  

  • Women above the age of fifty (50) are more prone to breast cancer.  
  • Younger women can also get the disease of breast cancer. 
  • Men can also fall prey to the disease of breast cancer.  
  • According to WHO, it is Pakistan’s second biggest reason for women’s mortality. 
  • An estimated 90,000 new cases of breast cancer are discovered each year in Pakistan, of which 40,000 individuals pass away from the disease because of late detection.  
  • Invasive breast cancer affected women over the age of 50 in 77% of cases, while survival rates were 90% if the disease was detected early. 

Further information is available in the WHO article.  

5 Warning Signs Related to Breast Cancer 

The human body is responsive. It shows various warning signs if any function is not in proper operational capacity within it. Similarly, during the development and growth of breast cancer, our body stays efficient and reflective to give us particular warning signs.  

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explores Breast Cancer and shares ample information about breast cancer, development, risk factors, reduction, best cancer screening, diagnosis and further treatment. 

Alarming Signs of Breast Cancer

The top five (5) warning signs relating to breast cancer development are as follows.  

  1. Formation of Guilty Around Breasts or Armpits.  
  2. Thickening or Swelling Around the Breasts. 
  3. Any Change in Nipple or Around Nipple in Terms of Skin, Structure or Colour. 
  4. Sudden Size Variation in Any One of the Breasts.  
  5. Pain Or Discomfort Around Breasts or Armpit.  

It is professionally advised that women be aware of any frequent, sudden, or unexpected changes to their bodies. This helps to make an early diagnosis possible for women to get their selves checked by professional and authorised doctors.  

There are four breast cancer stages. The more advanced the stage is, the less recovery is. Always remember that a diagnosis at an early stage is better than a diagnosis at a later stage. And do you know what is even better than an early diagnosis? – Prevention! Better than cure! 

Anyways, God forbid if anyone gets breast cancer. Please go for a proper breast cancer treatment. Consult professional doctors, and you will be recovered soon.  

Prevention is Better Than Cure 

There are certain risk factors that are a part of our routine life, regular setup and lifestyle, due to which we become more at risk of breast cancer development in comparison to our normal, healthy and active counterparts. There are no known or definite causes of breast cancer. However, some of the risk factors may include anyone as follows.  

  • Family History 
  • Elderly Age Factor 
  • Obesity 
  • Smoking and Drugs 
  • No Breastfeeding & Pregnancy 
  • Late Childbirth 

However, all these factors can be skipped with the help of a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, you must ensure your intake of all the necessary vitamins and nutrients with your good and proper sleep.  

October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Breast Cancer is on the rise. Countries like ours are more prone to cancer types, and breast cancer is unfortunately topping the list as a killer. Hence, the month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year worldwide. Furthermore, October 19th is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  

Every one of us should make people around us aware of this deadly disease. There is no shame in spreading positivity, awareness, and knowledge to people around you. If you want to learn how every pink ribbon makes a difference, you must stay active and up-to-date.  

Final Words 

The Breast Cancer is the most common reason of death in women worldwide. Breast cancer awareness spreads with the help of pink ribbon.  This article shares five warning signs for breast cancer in any individual. It is always a practical approach to live an active and healthy life and keep an open eye on the changes occuring to your body.   

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