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4 Reasons to Pursue BS Anesthesia in Pakistan

BS Anesthesia is a prominent part of major surgical procedures. Therefore, it is mostly in demand. Lahore-UBAS offers BS Anesthesia for undergraduate students in Spring admissions 2024. This article lists four (4) reasons to pursue a BS in Anesthesia Technology in Pakistan.   BS Anesthesia Brings Broad Career Scope  BS Anesthesia is a degree that leads

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BS in Radiology: Scope in Pakistan

Lahore UBAS offers a BS in Radiology and Imaging Technology to students who are interested in diagnostic imaging. The course is a compilation of various basic to advanced level courses, which enhances students understanding to the core to handle the patients in a very professional way. This article will explore the career prospects the students

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Transformative Impact of Medical Lab Technology on Healthcare

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where precision and speed are paramount, the role of medical laboratory technology cannot be overstated. Behind every accurate diagnosis, every successful treatment plan, and every breakthrough in medical research lies the indispensable work of medical laboratory professionals and the cutting-edge technologies they employ. In this blog post, we will

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Career Potential After BS in Public Health

BS in Public Health is undoubtedly one of the most demanded, and versatile degrees in health sciences in Pakistan and in other countries. Pakistan is facing huge environmental changes which result in various public health complications. Therefore, if you are someone having curiosity, or wants to serve society in this regard, should opt for the

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Excel in Food Sciences: M.Phil. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Food is the most crucial element for human survival. And the science of human nutrition affects every aspect of our body. Including the formation of body tissues with quality, the hormonal balance and chemical procedures of our body. Hence, from body formation to psychological and mood state, food is a complete science. Therefore, Lahore UBAS

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The Impact of MS Physical Therapy on Patient Care and Rehabilitation

Lahore-UBAS offers a two-year comprehensive programme under the faculty of applied health sciences focusing on physical therapy as Masters of Science Physical Therapy (MSPT). This degree focuses on rehabilitation and patient recovery from physical limitations and problems. Let’s explore more in this article.   Masters in Physiotherapy  Lahore-UBAS offers a comprehensive and advanced-level degree programme

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Explore M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice at Lahore UBAS

A two-year research degree focusing on pharmaceutical sciences is now available at Lahore-UBAS as an M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice. In this programme, students will learn valuable knowledge with practical applications and skills for various healthcare settings. While Lahore-UBAS Spring Admissions’24 are open now, this article will also provide the direct link to the online admission portal.

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Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024: Apply Today

Are you looking for admission to an HEC-accredited university in Lahore for biological and applied sciences? Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024 are open for fresh intake, and you can apply today.  This article explores the details you need to know before applying for admission with us at Lahore-UBAS. Stay tuned till the very end. There is a

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