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Functional Genomics – An Innovative Field of Microbiology

Functional Genomics - An Innovative Field of Microbiology

If you are interested in studying microbiology, you should also know that it contains a modern sub-field called functional genomics. It contains all the beneficial and advanced knowledge on gene sequencing, genomics, genetic modifications and much more. Moreover, you would be delighted to know that you can study all these knowledgeable aspects at Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS).  

Additionally, you will gain major concepts of gene functioning of different organisms in our BS Microbiology degree. So, start exploring our amazing degrees and curriculums, and start from here by reading the contents of this article. 

What is Functional Genomics? 

Functional Genomics is a field of microbiology which elaborates on the functioning and interaction of genes and the intergenic regions of the genome that contribute to different biological functions. Furthermore, when a researcher studies this field, they typically study genes or regions on a “genome-wide” scale.  

So, it focuses on dynamic gene expression concerning a specific context (such as at the time of growth or during illness). It particularly studies how the individual components of a biological system work to possess a specific trait in an organism (phenotype). 

Difference Between Genomics and Functional Genomics 

Well, whenever there is a talk of genomics, there is a discussion on functional genomics, too. So, genomics is the study of the whole genome including genes and all the alterations and their implication on the genome. But does it mean all genomics are the same or functional? No, as I described above, it is studied on different levels.  

Levels of Focus of Functional Genomics 

Levels of Focus of Functional Genomics 

There are a variety of genomics which are functional approaches which are focused on the following levels according to the specifications of the research or study: 

  1. DNA Level (genomics and epigenomics) 
  2. RNA Level (transcriptomics) 
  3. Protein Level (proteomics) 
  4. Metabolite Level (metabolomics) 

As this is our main concern here, we should get to know how it differs from genomics. For this reason, read the next heading. 

Thus, genetics studies only a specific gene while genomics deals with the whole genome. But this elaborative field of genomics goes further as it attempts to reveal the secret of nature and how genomics affects health and disease in the complicated environment of our bodies and cells. 

Benefits of Functional Genomics 

Now, if we talk about what will you learn and what beneficial knowledge you can get by studying this field of modern science, then you should read the following advantages here: 

  • Improved Disease Understanding 
  • Personalised Medicine 
  • Biomarker Discovery 
  • Drug Discovery 
  • Agricultural And Environmental Applications 
  • Gene Expression 
  • Encoded Protein Functions 
  • Genomic Sequence 

Scope of Functional Genomics 

Definitely, this modern field of science is very useful if you want a promising future. Because the scope of this is increasing day by day. We do not know but many microbiologists have contributed to building the future in which we are living. 

Moreover, you may not have any idea, but the vaccines are a gift of the hard work of some renowned microbiologists from all over the world. They made vaccines for yellow fever, polio and most recently, COVID-19. So, yes, this field can never grow old as there is a constant need for new genomics research in Pakistan and also, some of its interventions. 

Therefore, you can work as a professor, a scientist or a researcher in your choice of sub-field (for example, functional genomics) to pursue your career. Furthermore, there are many ongoing projects and startups in this branch of science. 

Genome Projects  

On an international level, in the UK, there have been many projects introduced to study genes, gene sequencing and all the other concerning concepts. In 2012, the 100,00 Genome Project started and it was completed in 2018. And you would be delighted to know that around 20-25% of the participants with rare diseases were diagnosed for the first time. In addition to that, more than half of the cancer participants were found to be eligible for targeted treatment or to join clinical trials. 

Since 2018, Dr Faisal Khan in Peshawar Pakistan has one of the best genomics startups in Pakistan. It is a precision medicine lab concerning the study and research of this topic which tells us that our country is also not behind in implementing the knowledge of the genome. There is other panels such as the Cardiac Genes Panel, Inherited Disorder Panel, HLA panel and others also working in our country.  

Hence, this field is the future of all the biological sciences and if you want to stay up to date on the new applications, then you should consider getting a professional education in microbiology.  

BS Microbiology Teaches Functional Genomics at Lahore-UBAS 

Whoever wants to learn more in detail about the field of functional genomics should study BS Microbiology and where else you can get a better course than at Lahore-UBAS? So, you should fully explore microbiology and all its concerning sub-fields before deciding on your future.  

Upgrade your Concepts of Modern Science with Our Teachings. 

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