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Seek a Career in the Medical Field with a BS MLT Degree

Seek a Career in the Medical Field with a BS MLT Degree

Are you a student who is interested in lab technologies or how a certain test determines a medical condition? If yes, then you should read this article to get a brief idea of the field of medical laboratory technology and the undergraduate degree of BS MLT in Pakistan. 

Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology 

Firstly, let me tell you what medical laboratory technology is and what will you gain after studying this profession. So, medical laboratory technology combines the challenges and rewards of both the fields of medicine along laboratory sciences.  

Role of a Medical Laboratory Technologist 

As a professional medical technologist, you will assist in the diagnosis and treatment procedure of diseases. Moreover, you can perform certain qualitative and quantitative screening or examination tests of the human body. So, it sounds interesting, right? 

Moreover, it is an innovative and interesting degree to study after passing your intermediate or A-levels to get a variety of choices upon graduation. Hence, anyone who is interested in diagnosing a specific disease should opt for this amazing undergraduate programme of BS MLT in Pakistan.  

But the main point is to choose the best institute which is HEC-recognized and also, gives enough clinical exposure to every student. Hence, you should choose the Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS) for the BS in Medical Lab Technology because it has all the outstanding features available to you. 

BS MLT Subjects at Lahore UBAS 

Our university has set a very exclusive course curriculum for you to become one of the best medical lab technologists. Additionally, we have an affiliation with our Lahore-UBAS Teaching Hospital, which will help you build market-driven skills along with studying the following amazing subjects in our top-notch institute: 

  1. Clinical Chemistry 
  2. Microbiology 
  3. Haematology 
  4. Immunology 
  5. Pathology 
  6. Blood Banking 
  7. Molecular Diagnostics 
  8. Clinical Laboratory Management 
  9. Medical Ethics 

Furthermore, you will participate in lab work and clinical rotations to get practical field experience in the degree of BS MLT at our renowned educational institute. All these field activities will help you gain beneficial skills for your future. 

Skills Developed During BS MLT at Lahore-UBAS 

We provide all the advanced equipment in our laboratories for every student to practice in real-time. Ultimately, you will not only grasp proficiency in laboratory techniques but also develop all the vital analytical skills. So, these will include skills such as; problem-solving, data analysis, teamwork, leadership, effective communication, attention to detail, and ethical decision-making. 

Thus, you should enrol yourself at our university to get specialised learning in the field of medical laboratory technology. 

What Common Tests Does a Medical Technologist Perform? 

There are a whole lot of diseases which you can help diagnose with your expertise while working as a medical lab technologist. The variety of tests you can perform while analysing blood and other body fluids are as mentioned below: 

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) 
  • Electrolyte Panel 
  • Blood Type 
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) 
  • Semen Analysis 
  • Thyroid Functioning Test (TFT) 
  • Liver Functioning Test (LFT) 
  • Renal Functioning Test (RFT) 
  • Coagulation Profile 
  • Lipid Profile 
  • Blood Cultures Assessment 

Hence, it shows that this modern field of study can give you multiple specialisation options depending on your interest. 

What Specialisation Does BS MLT Offers? 

What Specialisation Does BS MLT Offers? 

After Graduation, you have to polish your skills in the direction of your choice of specialisation which can be any one of the following: 

  1. Clinical Chemist 
  2. Haematologist 
  3. Clinical Genetics Professional 
  4. Transfusion Scientist 
  5. Diagnostic Cytologist 
  6. Clinical Microbiologist 

Thus, this wide range of options shows the rising medical lab technology scope in Pakistan. 

Scope of BS MLT in Pakistan 

The scope of a Bachelor of Sciences (BS) in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is very high and professionals with a BS MLT degree are in great demand. Furthermore, after graduation, you can work as a medical lab scientist in international government positions like the Food and Drug Association (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and others. 

Other than this, you can easily be employed in a variety of government and private hospitals, labs, industries and manufacturing units.  

Career Options After Graduation 

If you want to work side by side the other medical professionals, then this degree of BS MLT is the best choice for you. You can choose to be one of the following professionals in future: 

  1. Pharmaceutical Assessment Specialist 
  2. CT Scan Technician 
  3. Pathology Technician 
  4. MRI Expert 
  5. Renal Dialysis Technician 
  6. X-Ray Technician 
  7. Dental Machine Technician 
  8. Radiology Technician 
  9. Optical Lab Technician 
  10. Physiotherapy Technician 

So, you should not wait anymore and apply to our university for this undergraduate programme. 

Apply for BS MLT at Lahore-UBAS Right Now! 

Our seats are limited, and the degree programme is excellent for your future. Therefore, you should apply at the Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS) right away! You can either apply via our online admission portal or, you can also visit our university campus in Lahore for your registration for our fall admissions 2023. 

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