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M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice

A two-year research degree focusing on pharmaceutical sciences is now available at Lahore-UBAS as an M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice. In this programme, students will learn valuable knowledge with practical applications and skills for various healthcare settings. While Lahore-UBAS Spring Admissions’24 are open now, this article will also provide the direct link to the online admission portal.  

M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice 

A two-year postgraduate research degree program called the Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) in Pharmacy Practice is intended for those who want to gain advanced knowledge and practical proficiency in the field of pharmacy practice.  

The practical application of pharmaceutical knowledge and abilities in diverse healthcare settings is the focus of this program. The M. Phil Pharmacy Practice program develops critical skills, covers specific courses, offers a broad curriculum, and gives options for continuing education as well as a variety of job alternatives. 

Accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan 

Lahore-UBAS is offering this degree after it is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. Hence, students can pursue their dream of higher education in pharmaceutical sciences without any hesitation or value speculation regarding their hard-earned two-year degree.    

M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice Course Details 

Let’s explore the course details you will study in M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice at Lahore- UBAS. In a nutshell, this programme consists of core courses, elective subjects, and research modules.  

Students will go through a wide range of subjects during the tenure of a degree. Some of the subjects are available in the list shared below.  

  • Advanced clinical assessment and decision-making abilities 
  • Effective communication and patient counselling skills 
  • Research design, data analysis, and interpretation 
  • Literature review and critical appraisal skills 
  • Understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and ethical considerations 
  • Interprofessional collaboration and teamwork 
  • Leadership and management skills in healthcare settings 
  • Quality improvement and patient safety techniques 

As an M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice is a research programme, in addition to the courses, thesis and research work are a compulsory part of this degree completion. The courses outlie of the same degree is of advanced level targeting the critical thinking.  

This enhanced critical thinking ability will surely help students during their research work. It would be great to conduct original research on research questions identified through the ability of critical thinking.  

If you want to know more about the course plan for M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice, you can read more.  

M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice

Fee & Scholarship Options for Students 

The most important part of any course is the fee structure. Hence, you can check out the complete fee structure for M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice. However, Lahore-UBAS also offers multiple scholarship options and financial assistance categories. You can see the scholarship details here.   

Skill Development in Pharmacy Practice 

During the degree, the students of M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice would get an opportunity to grasp the skills mentioned below. However, expertise lies in the practice students do on all these skills. Hence, active participation in class and research work is advised.  

  • An ability to perform advanced clinical assessment and decision-making  
  • Power Skills of Effective communication and patient counselling  
  • Ability to conduct Research design, data analysis, and interpretation 
  • To research and write a Literature review with critical appraisal skills 
  • Fine Understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and ethical considerations 
  • Essence of Interprofessional collaboration and teamwork 
  • Leadership and management skills in healthcare settings 
  • Ability to identify and improve the quality of patient safety techniques 

Interested in Further Education 

Once you complete your M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice, you will be able to enrol in further education if interested. The available options could be anyone from workshops, conferences, professional development courses, and specialised certifications. To continue their academic endeavours and research, you may also decide to seek a doctorate degree (PhD) in pharmacy or a similar discipline. 

Apply Online for Spring Admissions 2024 

We have shared the scope of our M.Phil. in Pharmacy Practice. If you fulfil the admission criteria, you can apply to take an admission at Lahore-UBAS, this Spring 2024. The online admission portal is available to process applications.  

 In the End 

M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice is a two-year research degree to hone your knowledge and practical skills in pharmacy relating to various health settings. You can apply at Lahore-UBAS with complete confidence in this accredited programme. Applications for Spring Admissions 2024 are now accepted at Lahore-UBAS!  

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