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The M. Phil Programme in Pharmacy Practice provides a comprehensive depth of understanding regarding core knowledge of the subject beyond the basic level, and insightful in understanding and implementation of research methodology and biostatistics to be able to work as an independent researcher. It aims to train pharmacy professionals who can engage in range of clinical pharmacy and community pharmacy services within the healthcare system through excellence in patient care, education, research and public service. The students will be equipped with knowledge, core competencies and skills for better planning and management of hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy and as policy makers and regulators.


Degree prgrams
Levels Semester Subjects Credit hours
M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice 7 4 8 30


Semester Subjects Credit hours
1st 4 12
2nd 4 12
3rd Research work/ Thesis 03
4th Research work/ Thesis 03


Semester 1
Course Credit Hours
Pharmacotherapy & Clinical Pharmacy I 3
Pharmacotherapy & Clinical Pharmacy II 3
Community pharmacy 3
Biostatistics 3
Total 12


 Semester 2
Course Credit Hours
Public health Policy 3
Epidemiology 3
Pharmacovigilance 3
Research methodology 3
Total 12


 Semester 3&4
Course Credit Hours
Research work and thesis 6
Total 6

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