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Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024: Apply Today

Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024

Are you looking for admission to an HEC-accredited university in Lahore for biological and applied sciences? Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024 are open for fresh intake, and you can apply today.  This article explores the details you need to know before applying for admission with us at Lahore-UBAS. Stay tuned till the very end. There is a direct link to the online admission portal at Lahore-UBAS.   

Programmes Offered at Lahore-UBAS in 2024 

In 2024, Lahore-UBAS offers various programmes for undergraduate and graduate degrees in biological and applied sciences. The details are penned below.  

Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024 are open for18 different programmes. You can apply today to take the right step supporting your career.

Undergraduate Programmes 

BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics 

Lahore-UBAS offers a four-year degree programme focused on human diet and nutritional factors. This degree has various benefits on personal and social levels. For instance, one can become a professional dietitian and can contribute towards a health upgrade to their respective society.  

This degree is exceptionally beneficial, keeping Pakistani society in mind, where many children are victims of malnutrition.  You will have an opportunity to learn about micro and macronutrients in the human diet and human anatomy. You can also get the course details for BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics.  

If you are interested in knowing more about career prospects, you can read them for sure.  

In addition to the BS in human nutrition and dietetics, an MPhil in Human Nutrition and Dietetics is also offered in Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024. Details are available in this article below.  

BS Public Health 

A BS degree in Public Health can be your gateway to attain the professional skills for addressing and solving public health problems. Therefore, Lahore-UBAS is offering a rich course for adequate skill development with better knowledge-building and learning opportunities.

Furthermore, public policy and public dynamics are way more complex and challenging in Pakistan. Here, you can explore a promising and rewarding career with BS Public Health.  

The course outline is available with the fee structure and other details here 

BS Anaesthesia Technology 

Anaesthesia is the primary factor of surgical procedures in medicine. Lahore-UBAS offers a 4-year degree programme in its admissions 2024. We have a rich course covering the principles, techniques, and technologies of anaesthesia technology.  

The admissions are open for the 2024 intake; you can read further for more information on course details and career prospects.   

BS Medical Lab Technology 

Medical labs are compulsory in the medical field. Hence, if you have an interest in joining this degree in your bachelor’s, you can join BS medical lab technology from Lahore-UBAS in admissions 2024.  

You can join various careers after completion of this four-year degree. You can see the programme curriculum and fee details here.  

BS Clinical Psychology 

One of the most popular degrees in psychology is the BS Clinical Psychology. Lahore-UBAS is well aware of the practical usage and benefits of this 4-year programme. From research methods to statistics in psychology, and cognitive, social, and abnormal psychology all, are part of BS clinical psychology. Learn more about the programme at Lahore-UBAS.  

BS Biotechnology 

Another programme offered at the Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024 is BS Biotechnology. The BS biotechnology caters for the strong foundation of biotechnology in various ways. There are ample career opportunities available for the degree holder in BS biotech.  

You may see the course details and career prospects here 

BS Forensic Science 

Ever wanted to be a forensic scientist? you can become one now with a BS Forensic Science by enrolling at Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024. Forensic Sciences explores the exciting world of forensic chemistry, forensic biology, criminalistics, forensic toxicology, forensic pathology, forensic anthropology, forensic psychology, crime scene investigation, fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, and evidence handling and documentation. Want to learn more, visit curriculum and career options.  

BS Biochemistry 

Lahore-UBAS opens 2024 intake for various BS and MS/M.Phil. Programmes. BS Biochemistry is one of them. You can become a professional chemist with this degree in a period of four years. The rich curriculum and professional guidance from professional mentors and experienced professors will help you develop your knowledge and skills to the core.  

The curriculum and other details are available on our website 

BS Microbiology 

Microorganisms are the focal point of BS Microbiology. BS Microbiology is offered at Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024. The graduates of BS Microbiology can join professional careers in medicine, agriculture, industry, and environmental sciences.  

The admission link is available at the end of this article. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a degree curriculum and other details, explore 

BS Environmental Sciences 

Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024 is also open for BS Environmental Sciences. Students will get a golden opportunity to study a unique combination of environments with respect to the elements of science.  

This four-year degree program is a unique gate opener for various opportunities in multiple fields. Programme details are available here 

BS Radiology & Imaging Technology 

The bachelor’s programme for Radiography and Imaging technology is also at Lahore-UBAS.  

Graduate Programmes 

MS Physical Therapy 

MS Physical Therapy is a two-year programme after completion of 16 years of education. Lahore-UBAS offers a professional degree programme to meet the national and international standards of clinical training.  

The course curriculum and other programme details for MS Physical Therapy can be seen here. 

M.Phil. Human Nutrition & Dietetics 

M.Phil. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics is a two-year programme opened for admissions at Lahore-UBAS. This degree addresses the progression of human health and the healing of various diseases with food sciences.  

Students who are interested in this program can see the admission criteria and other details on M.Phil. Human Nutrition & Dietetics.  

M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice 

In 2024 admissions, Lahore-UBAS has also made an addition of M.Phil. Pharmacy Practice for those students who are interested. This degree programme focuses on the application of pharmaceutical knowledge and the skills of healthcare skills.  

You can explore the course curriculum and other details from here.  

Ideal Learning Environment 

In addition to a variety of programmes, Lahore-UBAS also offers excellent learning opportunities in the field of biological and applied sciences. Lahore-UBAS is  

  • Having an On-Campus 1100-bed hospital 
  • Enriched with Renowned Faculty 
  • 4th University Under the Umbrella of Punjab Group 
  • 12:1 Student Ratio 
  • Well-Stocked Library 
  • State-of-the-art Labs  
  • Hostel Facility 
  • Scholarship & Financial Assistance  

Lahore-UBAS admissions 2024

University Life Means Social Grooming 

Other than all these facilities, there is an active presence of extracurricular activities through societies and clubs. In addition, we have also incorporated courts and indoor game facilities.  

About Lahore-UBAS 

LMDC was awarded a university charter and became Lahore-UBAS; under the strong guidance of Punjab Group, Lahore-UBAS became the 4th university of the educational group of the country.  

Apply for Admissions 2024 

Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024 are open for all disciplines in undergraduate and graduate programmes. You can apply to achieve your goals today. Our online admission portal for 2024 is available.  

Final Take  

Lahore-UBAS Admissions 2024 are on the roll. You can get enrolled in your relevant field to ace the advanced education with undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.  


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