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2023 Health Sciences Developments in Nutshell

2023 in health sciences

2023 is about to end, earlier than a couple of weeks, we shall be in 2024. This blog post at Lahore-UBAS addresses the 2023 health sciences developments. Also, you will learn what you can expect to experience in 2024. The research, development and the inclusion of technology can bring massive improvements in the coming years.  

What were the Expectations from 2023? 

Certain blog posts disclose that at the end of 2022, massive innovations were anticipated in the field of health care and life sciences. Hence, technology became the centre of attention in most of these 2023 look forwards.  

For instance, the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, nanotechnology, gene therapy, and digital health equipment was the major talk of the town this year.  

Moreover, experts expected to see a thorough shift towards consumerism, in healthcare. With a shift from hospital to home through the use of digital gadgets remained on the top this year.   

Actual 2023 Health Sciences Developments 

Studies disclose that, 2023 witnessed the actual massive developments in the life sciences and health sciences. 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) 

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)is the technology that collects, transmits, and shares medical data with the use of a network. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the usage of the well-known phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the field of medical and health sciences.  

It is expected that the global internet of medical things will grow at the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.1 between the period of 2023-2031. the benefits of this latest medical tech are as follows. 

  • Increase of Convenience 
  • Patient Assessment & Informed Decision-Making 
  • Increased IT usage in the Healthcare Industry Worldwide 
  • Diverse Market Segmentation 

Longevity Technology 

The world experienced the reduced life expectancy from 2019-2021. This reduction was the major decline after 1950s. Covid-19 and major health problems like cancer, heart disease, and suicides were the significant players.  

Therefore, the experts looked deep to increase the longevity of life with an enhanced quality through the usage of digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), wearables, and biosensors, with a combined effort of the development in the genetical environment, psychology, and research.  

AR and VR Usage in Healthcare 

Increased use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in medical education and training is one trend in healthcare technology. In addition, AR and VR can help with surgical procedures, lessen patient discomfort, and help visualize veins.  

According to Research and Markets, an Irish research firm, the global market for AR and VR healthcare is expected to grow by 22.5 per cent between 2023 and 2027, reaching a valuation of $9.79 billion. 

Data Sciences and Standardisation 

With the progress of the internet, it is possible to make informed decisions in a more appropriate way via the use of available data. With the use of medical gadgets and network connections, doctors and healthcare professionals can foresee the medical condition of patients and can suggest the best possible solution or healthcare outlook.  

This all became possible and more common in 2023, using data sciences and data standardisation. The same improves training quality, and patient care, boosts operational efficiency, and reduces the time, money, and laborious costs to major consideration.  

2023 started and progressed with all these future outlooks and is about to end with some deep learning, such as: 

Though generative AI remained the top news, it became evident with the passage of 2023 that it takes two steps ahead and one step back from progress; artificial intelligence is effective, though not a hundred per cent reliable due to many reasons. The challenges are still there but can be worked through.

2023 developments in health sciences 

Look at the 2024 Anticipations 

Now we are heading towards 2024, and according to the expert’s opinion, as published in Forbes, we came to know that you can learn more about the advancements of health care, also, health sciences and life sciences with the following lens.  

Use of Generative AI in healthcare with respect to make personalised recommendations with easy implementation, calculation, and results of the calculations and tests done through the use of artificial intelligence.  

With advancements in genomics and artificial intelligence, experts anticipate analysing patient’s DNA through artificial intelligence and coming up with personalised treatment plans. It is further stated that this can be attained through a deep identification of the DNA structure and problems.  

In 2024, the health sciences and life sciences also look forward towards the AI based assistance. For instance, clinicians can benefit from the guidance that virtual assistants and chatbots can offer on diagnosis, treatments, and prescriptions. In addition, they can assist patients by providing information that will enable them to make better decisions. Espacially regarding their own care and by responding to inquiries about their treatment. They will be used to make and schedule appointments and interface with electronic health record systems more and more. 

Moreover, data sciences can be used effectively in health sciences. You can see the details here 

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Its a Wrap for 2023

2023 is about to end; with the inclusion of technology and artificial intelligence, the health care and life sciences are transforming. This article is just a window to keep our students connected with what world is up to in 2024. This can open doors to research in life and health sciences developments in Pakistan also.  

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