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What are the Top Careers After BS in Biotechnology?

BS in Biotechnology

BS in Biotechnology is an undergraduate degree programme, that aims to improve the quality of life through innovations by combining biology and technology together.  Biotechnology enhances molecular biology and impacts human life, animal health, agricultural conditions, and environmental placements for the better. This article will explore the top rewarding careers after bs biotechnology from Lahore-UBAS, you can join.  

Biomedical Engineer 

After you complete your BS in Biotechnology, you can become a professional biomedical engineer. In this capacity, you will be able to work closely with healthcare and medicine.  

By combining principles and theories with innovative ideas, a biomedical engineer designs the devices, systems, software, or technologies to improve health care and medicine for the better.  

According to the latest resources, a biomedical engineer can earn up to 450000/- PKR annually in Pakistan. However, in the US a biomedical engineer can earn up to $82921/-annually.  

Clinical Technician 

After pursuing a BS in Biotechnology, you can also become a clinical technician. A clinical technician, also called a medical or biological technician, does tests on samples from living things and checks the results. They might use fancy tools like health software, robots, and machines that work automatically. If you want to be a clinical technician, you could investigate studying medical or clinical technology at university. 

According to internet resources, a clinical technician can earn up to 1000000/- PKR annually in Pakistan. Whereas, in the West, earning potential can reach $54180/-  

Research Scientist 

A Research Scientist is someone who does research and experiments in a particular area. They mainly work on planning and carrying out experiments to learn more, solve issues, or create new technologies. They’re important for making progress in science and technology and tackling big problems in society. They’re a key part of the scientific community, pushing things forward by exploring, experimenting, and finding new things. 

Therefore, you can also become a respected research scientist once you complete your BS Biotechnology from a reputed and well-equipped educational institution like Lahore-UBAS. 

On average, a research scientist can enjoy a yearly earning potential of up to $99321 per annum. Whereas in Pakistan, up to 421000 per month is possible.  


Biochemists look at how living things grow, how cells develop, and how traits pass from parents to children. They study the chemical changes that happen in living things. They might work on making new drugs or vaccines and seeing how they work. To become a biochemist, you usually need to get a degree in biochemistry at university. 

The annual earnings biochemists could enjoy in Pakistan can rise to Rs 2975873/-

BS in Biotechnology Careers


The next career opportunity open for the graduates of BS Biotechnology is becoming a microbiologist. A microbiologist is someone who looks into things like bacteria, viruses, and tiny cells. They study how these tiny living things behave and what they need to survive.  

Microbiologists do tests to make medicines, vaccines, and other medical stuff. They also study how microorganisms affect the environment and human life. To become a microbiologist, you usually need to get a degree in microbiology at a university. 

Annually, microbiologists in Pakistan can enjoy a massive earning potential of 700000/- PKR. However, in the US, the pocket can even get $61070/-

DNA Analyst 

Another option an undergraduate degree holder can enjoy after completing a BS in Biotechnology is to become a DNA Analyst. Professionally DNA analysts gather DNA samples and do tests to find out genetic information. They compare DNA from different sources to see if they’re related and learn about their genetic background, medical past, and other things. 

They might work with the police to find suspects and give evidence about DNA in court. To become a DNA analyst, you usually need a degree in a science subject like genetics, molecular biology, or forensics. 

DNA Analysts can earn around 2,290,300 PKR per year in Pakistan. However, in the US, one can get $66673/-  

Process Engineer 

Last on the list is an opportunity to become a process engineer after a BS in Biotechnology. A Process Engineer is someone really good at making industrial processes better. They’re all about designing, setting up, and creating industrial processes that work as best as possible.  

They care greatly about making things run smoothly, safely, and efficiently. They work in many different industries like manufacturing, biotech, chemicals, drugs, food, energy, etc. They’re super important for ensuring things are made well and don’t harm the environment. 

As a process engineer, one can earn up to $75694 per annum.  

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