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What is a BS in Speech Pathology?

Pakistan is a diverse country with a population of 240 million. Communication is a crucial element for social development. However, where Pakistan has a massive population count of 240 million, around 22 million suffer from various speech, language, swallowing, and hearing disorders. Furthermore, Pakistan lacks enough qualified professionals in speech and language pathology. To produce speech & language professionals, Lahore-UBAS introduces BS in Speech Pathology. This article will explore further!  

What is Speech and Language Pathology? 

‘Speech,’ also known as expression language, is the use of words, sentences, gestures, and writing to convey our message in a meaningful way to others. With these, we share our thoughts, needs, and ideas with others. Ultimately, we built our relationships and social network through this ability.  

Unfortunately, there are over 22 million people in Pakistan facing diverse disabilities and disorders related to speech, language, hearing, and swallowing problems. Like other health-related problems, speech and language also have a proper medicine line known as ‘Speech & Language Pathology.’ The professionals are known as speech pathologists. The speech & language pathology is a major part of rehabilitation sciences.  

Speech pathologists are the care providers to any person facing any disorder in speech, language, hearing, or swallowing abilities. A professional pathologist can address kids and adults. 

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What is a BS in Speech & Language Pathology? 

Enrolling in a degree program is essential to become a competent speech and language pathologist or professional. To fulfil the need for competent professionals in this major rehabilitation field, Lahore-UBAS has introduced a full-fledged degree programme named BS in Speech and Language Pathology.   

A BS in Speech Pathology is four year degree programme with an exciting and competitive combination of theory and practical learning. Moreover, Lahore-UBAS also gives students the chance to apply and test their knowledge practically and attain skills in proper settings. 

Let’s look into the subjects of BS in speech pathology in the following.  

The curriculum of BS SLP 

The BS Speech & Language Pathology (BS SLP) curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of courses that equip students with a strong foundation in the field of Speech and Language Pathology.  

The key subjects typically included in the programme are  

  • Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology,  
  • Quantitative Reasoning,  
  • Developmental Paediatrics,  
  • Motor Speech Disorders,  
  • Neurophysiology and Anatomy of Speech and Hearing,  
  • Paediatric Speech Disorder,  
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders,  
  • Dysphagia and Adult Acquired Aphasia, and Medical Ethics.  

These courses offer students a comprehensive understanding of speech and language pathologies from the foundation. Therefore, the students will pass out as competent professionals in BS in Speech Pathology.   

In the following, you will learn the potential growth potential after completing a BS in Speech and Language Pathology.  

Career Prospects post BS in Speech Pathology

Career Path After BS in Speech Pathology 

The professionals of speech and language pathology will help people with communication disorders arising from neurological conditions, hearing impairments, language learning limitations, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and health complications such as autism, brain injuries, and feeding and swallowing difficulties, both caused by accidents or by-birth complications.  

Graduates of BS in Speech Pathology can pursue careers in therapy centers within both the government and private institutions; schools, colleges, universities, and research & development organisations; as well as at rehab centres. These are all viable options for those holding this degree. 

Furthermore, career opportunities are also available in Pakistan and the international sphere. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) also shares the jobs, scope, and further details.  

How to Become a Speech Therapist in Pakistan?  

Often, people may get confused between a ‘speech pathologist’ and a ‘speech therapist’. Speech and Language Pathology is an official profession commonly known as the speech therapist or speech teacher across various settings.  

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Whether you want to become an independent therapist of speeach or join any government or private medical institution or private setting, a BS degree in Speech Pathology is your gateway to a successful career. The graduates of BS SLP would enjoy greater room for growth in both vertical and horizontal aspects as Pakistan is already in dire need of competent professionals. However, internationally, professionals are always in demand.   

Lahore-UBAS is accepting admission applications for Fall 2024 through the online application portal. You can visit the portal and complete your admission form.  

Signing Off  

Communication is a crucial part of human life. However, any injury or on-birth complication can result in various limitations, impairments, and disorders in the natural ability of speech and language. With a BS in Speech Pathology, you can become a competent and professional speech pathologist in Pakistan.  

Does BS English Language Have Scope?

No one can deny the importance of communication in today’s world. This statement is even more accurate when it comes to getting in touch with people living on the other side of the ocean. Therefore, we need a common way to communicate with people from alien cultures and languages. English plays a vital role as a common ground in connecting such people together. Therefore, BS English has ample scope for national and international places.  

BS English:  Gateway to a Rich Exposure 

With a BS English Language & Literature, students can develop a well-rooted and deep cultural understanding. BS English subjects have a wide variety of content that enables knowledge-building and skill development.  

The students would get a rich, approved, and policy-aligned course curriculum for BS English Language and Literature. Students will have a chance to study composition, grammar, syntax, and a variety of American and British Literature, which ultimately sharpen their thinking skills, and they will become good at critical analysis.  

Such skills are not only helpful in the successful completion of a BS English Language & Literature but also in thought-provoking analysis of available knowledge and inflow of news to get down to its credibility. Moreover, literature is the window to a culture unfamiliar to us. Hence, we can make ourselves somehow familiar with such things.  

Over time, students can stregthen their grip on English culture by developing regular reading habits. Hence, a BS in English can play a crucial role in intellectual growth if, over the period of four years during the bachelors in English language and literature students develop a capacity to read classic English literature.  

For example, classics written by William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and others could be great during and after completing a BS in English.  

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Become ‘Work-ready’ for Numerous Industries 

In addition to the open cultural exposure and ability to develop master soft skills like critical thinking and intellectual development. BS English Language and Literature also opens doors to work in various settings.  

It is important to note that we are not talking about the ‘jobs’ alone. Because BS English makes you work-ready, not only job-ready for various traditional industries but also craves a path for conventional careers 

Interested in knowing more? 

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Exploration of the Local Job Market 

Traditionally, let’s say that in local Pakistani work dynamics, there are defined work positions for graduates of nearly all degrees. The same is the case with BS English Language and Literature. The students can enter any of the following careers from the entry-level jobs 

Traditional Industries for BS English Language & Literature graduates are listed and briefly described below.  

Education & Academia 

English is a compulsory subject in Pakistan for all classes. Whether you are considering primary, elementary, secondary, collegiate, or university level for education. Therefore, BS English Language & Literature students are eligible for several teaching vacancies in both public and private institutions.  

However, a Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature will not be enough for promotions and career development. Therefore, it is always a great idea to pursue an MS and PhD in the later years to come.  

Journalism & Editorials  

The next traditional career for the graduates of BS in English Language and Literature is to join the editorial boards of English newspapers. The BS English would be great for entry, though for career growth, educational progress would also be a requisite with experience.  

Civil Services  

These days, the Civil Services of Pakistan are one of the most pursued traditional careers. The fundamental alluring factors are decorum, discipline, authority, and respect.  In these exams, most emphasis is placed on the English Language. Hence, a BS English Language and Literature can surely be your gateway to these prestigious national institutions.  

Scope of BS English

Massive Remote Work Available 

Apart from traditional careers, one can also take up roles remotely. These roles can be taken from foreign employers, or one can initiate their private work as an independent contractor in the following ways with a BS in English Language and Literature. 


With a bachelor’s degree in English language, you must have a sound grip on the native English of the American, British, or Australian Market. Grip includes reading, listening, and speaking abilities.  

If you have a BS English Language & Literature from Lahore-UBAS, our carefully curated course content will expose you to native American and British literature. Therefore, you can easily become a high-paying copywriter independently and for foreign clients.  

Copywriting is a job related to the marketing industry. Therefore, the opportunities are limitless.  

Language Translator 

The next remote or independent opportunity is to become a professional translator. If you know English and are fond of learning languages, there are bright chances you will also learn some other languages like French, Spanish, or Arabic. Or at least can learn them.  

You can also become a translator for documents or motion media. You can also initiate your video streaming channel for free to start teaching the English language.  

Content Analyst 

In addition to the roles mentioned above, a person with a good grip on English can also become a content analyst for websites, documents, social media, and magazines. Content analysts can also write critical articles, and publish independent book reviews etc.  

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Lahore-UBAS is offering BS English Language and Literature to students interested in learning literature across the continents. You can apply on the online admission portal 2024 for BS English Language & Literature.  

Final Words 

We are hopeful that by now, you will have a clear idea of the options you can have after the completion of BS English Language and Literature. However, you should spend your degree tenure intelligently getting that knack and grasp on the nitty gritties of native languages to be successful in the traditional or modern work sphere. 


Lahore UBAS: Fall Admissions 2024 Opens in 22 Degree Programmes

Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (Lahore-UBAS) is a leading name in Pakistan when it comes to quality education in the fields of applied biological sciences. This year, the university has expanded its wings and is now offering 22 diverse degrees in BS, MS, and MPhil levels of education. Students can opt for their preferred subject and class after considering the admission criteria closely.  UBAS has opened its Fall admissions 2024. This article will cover all you want to know! Stay Tuned.  

Lahore UBAS Opens Admissions for Fall 2024 

Lahore-UBAS is working to achieve academic excellence in biological and applied sciences. Located in the vibrant city of Lahore, with its state-of-the-art campus, UBAS has much to offer for fresh students who want to enter the various dimensions of the biological sphere and applied sciences in one way or another.  

This fall, 2024, there will be so much newer for the intelligent and future-oriented fresh breed of BS and MS students. Today, our students are the ones with the most awareness and a proper outlook on the future. They look for skills and degree content and do not fall for empty promises. 

Without any further delay, let us examine what Lahore-UBAS Fall Admissions 2024 offers.  

7 Faculties 

Lahore UBAS has initiated new faculties with interesting and industry-led programmes. Previously, we had  

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Faculty of Applied Health Sciences 
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences  
  • And Faculty of Social Sciences.  

Now, Lahore UBAS is initiating the new faculties in Fall 2024 and duly opened for admissions.  The names of new faculties are available below.  

  • Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery 
  • Faculty of Physical Therapy & Rehab Sciences 
  • Faculty of Food Technology & Nutrition Sciences 

With the rapid new addition of a couple of highly demanded faculties, Lahore-UBAS also introduced new BS programmes. Hence, the offered programmes are now a total of 22 in Fall 2024. Previously, we had 18 programmes opened.  

22 Programmes 

Students, after considering the admission criteria of the preferred degree programme can surely apply to Lahore-UBAS Fall Admissions 2024. In the following, we are going to share a brief introduction to the new and old programmes, simultaneously and we would try to give you reasons why you should choose any BS or MS programme at Lahore-UBAS and what outlook it may serve.  

All this information will help you make the right choice for your potential career. In addition, till our fall admissions 2024 are opened.  We will keep you updated about degree programmes, their career prospects, reasons to choose any degree, and what benefits you should expect from any degree while considering various options for admission purposes. Hence, stay tuned to the UBAS website and blog for regular updates.  

Anyways! Let’s start with the fresh programmes in this write-up.  

BS Nursing  

BS Nursing is surely your gateway to joining one of the most reputed and respected professions of ‘Nursing’. Nurses are always in greater demand in private clinics, hospitals, and medical centers and become part of medical staff in other major entities.  

BS Nursing is a four-year degree programme focusing on essential expertise with comprehensive knowledge and skill development in health care and patient handling. Hence, if you are interested in joining the BS Nursing, you can check the admission criteria and apply through the admission portal open for Fall Admissions 2024.  

BS Speech & Language Pathology 

Another new addition to Lahore-UBAS list of degrees is the BS Speech & Language Pathology. This four-year BS program will produce the learned and skillful individuals to handle the disorders and problems relating to language, speech, voice, fluency, cognitive abilities.  

This degree also covers communication disorders due to disorders in neurology, hearing impairment, language learning limitations, cerebral palsy, delay in development, and health complications like autism, brain injuries, and feeding and swallowing difficulties. The graduates can join any therapy stations in government or private institutions. Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Research and Development bodies are all available options for those graduating with this degree.  

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BS Healthcare Management 

With a BS in Healthcare Management, students can fulfil their dream of pursuing careers within three dimensions: Healthcare, Social care, and third-sector organisations. It is a four-year degree program that will expose students to various laws, social norms, societal practices, and patient histories.

Students can join education, hospitals, health departments, policymakers, the pharmaceutical sector, and many others with this widely applied and accepted degree. Fall Admissions 2024 is the best time to enter your desired healthcare industry.  

Some new programmes are explained here. Other degree programmes are listed below. 

  1. Doctor of Pharmacy 
  2. Doctor of Physical Therapy 
  3. Human Nutrition & Dietetics 
  4. Public Health 
  5. BS Food Science Technology  
  6. Anesthesia Technology 
  7. Medical Lab Technology 
  8. Radiography & Imaging Technology 
  9. Biotechnology 
  10. Forensic Science 
  11. Biochemistry 
  12. Microbiology 
  13. Environmental Sciences 
  14. Clinical Psychology 
  15. English Language & Literature 
  16. BS Strategic Communication & Digital Media Marketing 
  17. MPhil. Pharmacy Practice 
  18. MS Physical Therapy 
  19. M.Phil. Human Nutrition & Dietetics 

Why Should You Choose Lahore UBAS? 

Lahore-UBAS will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a student in any Biological and Applied Sciences discipline. Therefore, Apply for Fall Admissions 2024 with complete confidence. Our Salient features are stated below.  

  • 300+ Faculty Members 
  • 12:1 Student Ratio 
  • Massive Scholarship Options 
  • Associated Teaching Hospital at Lahore-UBAS 
  • Cutting-edge facilities like Hostels 
  • Campus Mosque 
  • Well-Equipped Computer Labs 
  • Book-Stocked Libraries 
  • Food Cafeteria with Graded and Hygienic Food 
  • Multimedia Loaded Halls & Auditorium  
  • Game Courts & Indoor Play Areas 
  • Industry partnerships- leading to internships & placements 
  • Rich Campus culture & Student Life 

Lahore UBAS Fall Admissions 2024

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You can apply at Lahore-UBAS at Fall Admissions 2024. Here you will embrace the culture of innovation, diversity, and learning. With professionalism and Altruism, you can ace the future of Biological and Applied Sciences in Pakistan. Get Yourself enrolled at Lahore-UBAS Fall Admissions 2024.  

Final Words 

Admissions for Fall 2024 are open at Lahore-UBAS. We have introduced new faculties and new programmes to fulfil the needs of modern healthcare and biological sciences. Students can apply to have an excellent learning environment with ideal teacher-student ratio to get nicely on the concepts and skillset.  

Lahore University of Biological & Applied Sciences